Is there another reliable discount broker?

Discount brokers in comparison and online brokers

Who is the Best Discount Broker?
It depends. If you want a reliable all-round broker for stocks, ETFs and derivatives, you have come to the right place with Smartbroker. Smartbroker is my top recommendation. Why?

Even the standard fees of € 4.00 per trade are very cheap in comparison. Anyone with a minimum order volume of € 500 can trade from € 0.00 on the gettex and Lang & Schwarz trading venues. In addition, there are no deposit fees at Smartboker.

On the other hand, those who frequently trade in derivatives - certificates and warrants - are still in the best of hands with Flatex. With seven premium issuers, minimum order volumes from € 0.00 and from € 500 can be traded. Due to the new custody account fee that Flatex has been charging since March 1st, 2020, the former price leader for long-term custody accounts is no longer the first choice.

Order fees:
If you want to approach the matter more fundamentally, you should compare the order fees. Brokers can be roughly divided according to whether they charge variable order fees or fixed prices.

Fixed prices are currently offered by Smartbroker, Flatex, onvista bank and the new FinTech Trade Republic.

With all other online brokers, the order fee has a fixed and a variable component. The variable portion is based on the order volume (number of items x execution price). For example, 30 Siemens shares are equivalent to an order equivalent of around € 3,600. The Comdirect would take € 4.90 + 0.25% (€ 3,600 corresponds to € 9.00) a basic commission of € 13.90.

It is also common for brokers to add trading venue-dependent costs to this basic commission. We have created an order fee comparison here, which compares the basic fees and the trading center-dependent costs.

-> Detail order fees comparison
If you only want to invest small sums in stocks, you should also pay attention to the minimum order fees and compare them with the fixed-price brokers.

Minimum order fee:
The online brokers with variable order fees require a minimum fee for each securities transaction. The minimum fee is charged if the order fee on which the transaction is based falls below the minimum amount. On the other hand, there is also an upper limit that acts as a fee cap. This amount is not exceeded even with high volumes.

ETF savings plans:
If you intend to build up long-term assets with ETFs, you should pay attention to the range of ETF savings plans and execution fees available from brokers. Here you can find the best brokers for ETF savings plans.

New customer bonuses:
The many new customer bonuses that most brokers offer are also exciting. Anyone who intends to move their existing portfolio to another broker can currently receive up to € 5,000 commission. Reduced order fees for a period of 6 to 12 months are also popular.