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First appearance: Eternals (Vol 1) # 1 in July 1976

In the beginning there was only one universe, the First Firmament. Everything was perfect, but there was nothing else. She decided to create life: servants in the form of Celestials. While some of them diligently worshiped it and asked for its approval whenever they created life for themselves, which led the First Firmament to call them "aspirants." Others wanted "colorful rebels" who were "as many as the stars themselves" that their own creations evolved so that the universe could grow, change, and die. This was considered madness and sacrilege by the First Firmament. [Ultimates 2 (Vol 2) # 6]

Finally, the Celestial War broke out between the "colorful rebels" and the aspirants for rule over the entire existence. The war weakened both groups, who desperately resorted to powerful weapons to get rid of their opponents, including the aspirants' godkiller armor with which they won the final battle of the war. After the final battle of the Celestial War, the aspirants rebuilt their fleets and immediately entered a civil war that gave the Celestials time to recover and crush their opponents. [Iron Man (Vol 5) # 13] The war ended by breaking the First Firmament into pieces. When the rebels detonated their weapons, hundreds of new universes separated from them. The First Entrepreneur fled with the rest of the aspirants, and the new universes formed a collective entity, the Second Cosmos and the First Multiverse. [Ultimates 2 (Vol 2) # 6]

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The Celestials are an ancient race of beings with vast matter and energy manipulation abilities. They existed long before the dawn of the galactic communities and even before the sir. They were known for their use of the infinity stones. [read more]


New life in the multiverse

Silver Surfer (Vol 3) # 12
June 1988

The second cosmos was colonized by the "rebels". Those Celestials created their own servants whom they called "Omegas" as opposed to the First Firmament, which was the Alpha. [Ultimates 2 (Vol 2) # 6] It has been speculated by Reptyl that the Celestials could be the cause of the widespread distribution of mammals in the evolution of life in many quadrants of the cosmos. [Silver Surfer (Vol 3) # 12]

Contrary to the Celestials' apparent agenda, the observers were. After taking an oath of non-interference in species younger than themselves, observers saw the Celestials' genetic engineering as the utter antithesis of what they themselves believed. So the Observers and the Celestials have been in a pointless conflict for billions of years. [Fantastic Four (Vol 1) # 400]

Black Vortex and the Monoliths

Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: Black Vortex Alpha (Vol 1) # 1
February 2015

The Black Vortex was created by the Celestials Godhead 12 billion years ago after a Viscardi named Gara declared to the cosmic being the desire of their species to explore beyond their potential. Gara was the first of the Viscardi to submit to the power of the Black Vortex. A year later, a war between the Viscardi left Gara the only survivor of their kind. [Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: Black Vortex Alpha (Vol 1) # 1]

The creators of the legendary Black Monoliths were also the Celestials, who sent them to help record vast amounts of data over the centuries. A celestial disappeared with one of the monoliths and Machine Man - who was in the monolith at the time. It was never revealed what happened to X-51 during his time with the Celestial. However, the Celestials later brought Machine Man back to Earth after allowing him to travel with them for a while. [Nextwave (Vol 1) # 5]

The Celestials are believed to have indirectly influenced and supported the development of mankind through the Eternals as well as influencing the Egyptians, Maya, Incas, Atlanteans, etc.

The Progenitor and the Fallen

Avengers (Vol 8) # 5
July 2018

Four billion years ago, a Celestial known as the Progenitor fell to Earth after being infected by the Horde. The progenitor died a sad, lonely death, and his body was buried in the earth below the North Pole. The celestial's sick body fluids seeped into the earth and seeped through the planet's surface, changing the earth's evolutionary trajectory forever. Loki claimed that this process ultimately led to the mutations and superhuman anomalies present in many of the inhabitants of the earth. [Avengers (Vol 8) # 5]

A million years ago, another Celestial named Zgreb the Aspirant came to Earth to search for the Progenitor. The fallen found the progenitor and were added to the Horde. However, the Horde mutated him into a deadly "Dark Celestial", the first of its kind. Zgreb went crazy and came into conflict with the Avengers of the Stone Age. They defeated Zgreb and buried him underground in what would become South Africa in modern times. [Marvel Legacy (Vol 1) # 1]

The earth in the focus of the Celestials

Avengers (Vol 8) # 6
August 2018

The loss of the two Celestials had caught the attention of the other Celestials and they came to Earth. The Stone Age Avengers tried to fight the foreign visitors, but they found a heavy defeat. [Avengers (Vol 8) # 5] The Celestials were revealed to have genetically engineered selected members of the early human population to create the Eternals and Deviants. [Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica (Vol 1) # 1] The X gene was also created through the influence of the Celestials, which should eventually lead to mutants. [What if? (Vol 1) # 23]

However, Loki has claimed that these reports were a lie and that instead, the Celestials left Earth after the Stone Age Avengers were defeated. They also decided to bury Zgreb deep underground to contain the horde infection. According to Loki, the genetic changes to the inhabitants of the earth that would lead to overpowering beings were not due to the direct influence of the Celestials, but due to the death of the progenitor. [Avengers (Vol 8) # 5] The Avengers later theorized that the Celestials then decided to contain the horde infection because they believed that humanity's ability to mutagenesis and superhuman transformation meant they had the potential to transform themselves adapt and root out the horde. [Avengers (Vol 8) # 6]

Return of the Celestials and Fall of Atlantis

Eternals (Vol 1) # 1
July 1976

The Second Host of the Celestials came around 16,000 BC. On earth. At that time, the Deviants, who were far more than humans and Eternals, were in the middle of the war against Atlantis and were attacking the Celestials' ship. In retaliation, the Celestials landed on Lemuria. At the same time, the Atlanteans opened their magma openings to drive away the Deviants. Either by the will of the Celestials alone or by the combined forces of Atlantis, the Eternals and the power of the Celestials, the continent of Lemuria was destroyed and Atlantis sunk under the sea. This great catastrophe reshaped the surface of the earth forever. [Eternals (Vol 1) # 1]

It is also known that Arishem came into conflict with the Dreaming Celestial during this period. The reason for this conflict is unknown and various reasons have been given, but it may have been the course of the "experiment" on Earth-616. The conflict ended with the defeat and burial of the Dreaming Celestial under what would later become Northern California near San Francisco. [Eternals (Vol 4) # 3]

More visitors to the Celestials on Earth

S.H.I.E.L.D. (Vol 1) # 4
October 2010

The Celestial Madonna, an apparent female Celestial, appeared in AD 114 in the palace of Zhang Heng, a member of the Brotherhood of the Shield in Luoyang. Zhang went to her and she revealed to him the existence of an unborn Celestial inside the earth, and also revealed to him that she was carrying a child, something "new" and "forbidden". This birth would definitely destroy her, but she would need food. When she hesitated to use the earth, which would lead to the rapid extinction of all life, or the moon, with disastrous consequences for the earth, Zhang Heng suggested an alternative: the sun. She bathed in the sun of the earth and died in the process, while her descendants were to be found by Leonardo da Vinci in 1956. [S.H.I.E.L.D. (Vol 1) # 4]

The Third Host came to earth about 1000 years ago. Once again the Celestials moved across the globe, experimenting and testing their handicraft. In light of the intervention of these "alien gods," Odin convened a gathering of all known sky gods and selected three of them to meet with the Celestials. Odin Borson, Zeus Panhellenios and Vishnu confronted Arishem and quickly learned that only he had the power to separate every single pantheon from the earth. This led to all of the Heavenly Fathers promising not to disturb the Celestials for 1000 years. [Thor (Vol 1) # 300]

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The Celestials typically resemble massive male - or sexless - armored humanoids of enormous size, most of which are two thousand feet (610 meters) tall and some are even larger. Each one varies in color and design, which is very complex for some individuals. Everyone has a head, two arms and two legs, indistinct facial features on their “helmets” that sometimes have two eyes, sometimes more, sometimes none. The "designs" on their armor are practical and each serve a function of one kind or another. Many, but not all, also have large equipment on their backs or carry large wands capable of handling all forms of energy and Destroying and reconstructing matter or devastating entire continents. It has been reported that the Celestial's bodies are modular, made up of thousands of different objects and beings. It has also been reported that they can combine to form larger, more capable beings, and that they can move severed limbs, and even their computer software is sentient.

The Celestials have a variety of internal defenses, such as armored giants, jellyfish-like antibodies, and winged tentacles that swarm in great numbers and can fire powerful explosions from one eye. Reportedly, no one has seen a celestial without armor. One theory put forward by scientists is that they exist in hyperspace while their armor is simply channels that allow them to interact at the regular level of reality.

All Celestials are connected to one another through quantum telepathy, i.e. no matter where and when they are, they are in community with one another.


It was explained by the Celestial Madonna that the Earth and many other worlds had a Celestial embryo implanted in their center that would take millions of years to develop before it is born and consumed the planet. Similar processes have been observed in Earth-9997 and other realities. This process of reproduction seems to be the rule, but not the only way that new Celestials are created: The Celestial Madonna herself carried an unborn Celestial within her.


The Celestials 'agenda is ultimately unknown, as is the precise purpose of the genetic manipulation and the Celestials' "responsibilities". Returning repeatedly to each world, the races in question are evaluated over a period of 50 earth years each and should a world "fail" according to the standards of the Celestials, Exitar is called to that world by Arishem. Exitar, a Celestial ten times the size of Arishem himself, "purifies" the world in question from the race by destroying these non-life-determining elements. Thor was on the planet Pangoria when this happened and was told that the problems at stake were "too big for even an immortal to grasp".

Because of their imposing presence, armor, and apparent indifference / amnipotence for those who judge them, the Celestials have earned the nickname "Space Gods" used by many star races. On their last visit to Earth, the Celestials erased all memories of their existence from most living things in this universe. The only beings still aware of the Celestial's existence were the sir. In modern times, however, many superheroes rediscovered the existence of the Celestials.

Powers and abilities

The Celestials have immeasurable cosmic powers with seemingly no limits. You can manipulate matter and energy at will. A single Celestial has the power to threaten all pantheons of gods on a planet. The Celestials formed the cosmos together to create life throughout the universe, and were indirectly responsible for the creation of the multiverse itself. One Celestial was even able to distort reality on a pocket-sized scale and threatened to change the entire universe . The Celestials are immortal beings and it is almost impossible to actually kill or harm them. Indeed, it took an extremely powerful Galactus to destroy an insane Celestial.


  • The concept of the Celestials and their engagement with human history may have been inspired by the theories of Erich von Däniken, which were first published in 1968 in the book "Chariots of the Gods".