Can affect the room

Room effect through wall colors This is how wall colors influence the effect of the room

10 square meters is 10 square meters - even a pot cannot change the color of the wall in a tiny room. And yet a new coat of paint often changes the overall effect of the room - and that depends not only on the color in which the room was painted, but also on which wall was highlighted by the color.

Make the room look bigger with wall paint - is that possible?

The most well-known problem with room design: the room is too small. How can you use wall paint to trick the room into making it look at least a little bigger? Bright colors are a good approach - and not too many of them: too many different colors overwhelm the room. Two shades are enough that were used on individual walls. If you dare (or don't mind repainting again in the next season), you should choose a strong color, you can play it safe with more restrained colors.

Narrow rooms, low ceilings and hall-like halls can also look completely different due to the color design of individual walls: Through the targeted use of wall paint, rooms are optically stretched, shortened or widened. Coziness in huge lofts and extra attention to a certain corner of the apartment can be created by painting a single wall. We'll show you how to do this with a few color simulations.

If you are not sure which color to choose, special color readers such as the ColorReader EZ from Datacolor will help you. This app connected tool can Scan and analyze colors. It suggests the three nearest wall colors of different brands and also advises you which color tones go well with the scanned tone.

Highlight individual walls with wall colors: This changes the effect of the room

Room effect rule No. 1: Light, friendly colors make a room appear larger and more airy.


Make the room look bigger with wall paint: This is how it works:

Let the narrow room continue to work:Also a light band, which reaches about the height of the window sill, changes the effect of the room: a narrow room has a wider visual effect, the light ceiling keeps the overall impression airy.


Make a small room look longer: A small space experiences a kind of optical stretching when Ceiling and front wall yourself in one shade stand out from the rest of the room.


Let the low room appear higher: A lighter ceiling and a wide band along the walls make a low room look higher and wider. The room-opening principle "Dark at the bottom, light at the top“Of course, it also works with less pronounced color contrasts - even shades and veneers that merge into one another ensure the room-enlarging effect.


Making the lower room appear higher, part 2: Of course, this also works with the whole ceiling, while all other walls are painted darker.


Make large rooms look cozier:

Let high space appear lower: A darker painted ceiling makes a room with excessively high ceilings look lower and creates cosiness even in hall-like halls.

Make long rooms appear shorter: Less waiting room, more self-contained living concept! Will the Long sides of a room painted darker, the visual perception of the construct changes. It is now perceived as smaller and more homely.

Make large rooms appear smaller: Open living lofts particularly benefit from this painting trick: Becoming Ceiling and walls uniformly in a dark shade When painted, the room appears smaller (and open living concepts are given the character of a residential unit despite the lack of doors).

Set accents with wall color: Works best in large spaces. Only that remains Front of the room white or lightWhile the rest is painted darker, all eyes rest on her too. That means plenty of space and attention for individual, extravagant pieces of furniture or other home accessories that should really come into their own.