Mike Tyson is a genius

Mike Tyson wants war

He's back and he's back with full force. Former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson, known as “the baddest man on the planet”, is not only making his comeback, he is also next to the ring as he was in the best of times. He says: «Nobody can stop me. I feel ready for the war. "

Much has happened in the life of the 54-year-old American since his announcement that he would be returning to the ring against Roy Jones Jr. Tyson had mostly disappeared from the scene recently, he founded a cannabis empire, enjoyed the relaxed life and spoke in a calm voice.

Just a few months ago, Tyson said in a podcast about his past with tears on his face: “In the ring I was an annihilator, I was born for that. Now the time is over. Everything is empty. I am nothing." Tyson was public about his drinking problems, saying that he regretted keeping a tiger as a pet, and admitted that he was "on the verge of death." But since it has been clear that Tyson will return to the ring, the coziness and the quiet tones are over.

He doesn't shy away from McGregor or Fury

Since then, Tyson has not only been driven in training, but also in beating the drum for his fight. The man with the strong statements and the strong slogans ("everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face") has been talking vigorously over the past few weeks and regularly punched himself in the headlines.

In one Spox-Interview he said that he would spank MMA fighter Conor McGregor (32) "anytime". He would not shy away from a duel with heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury. In addition, Tyson swam with sharks in the sea and drove the filming of his life in the background (in the leading role: Jamie Foxx). And every now and then, the exceptional boxer posted videos of himself sparring on social media, with a bare torso and impressively quick fists.

But what is PR about it - and what is it real? Originally scheduled for September 12th, the comeback fight was recently moved to the November 28th Thanksgiving weekend. The boxing magazine The Ring assumes that the postponement has financial reasons, as it allows more income to be generated in advance. In addition, the organizers communicated that the holiday weekend would “make this historic battle an even bigger spectator event”.

Tyson himself hit it harder, free of any modesty, of course: "The postponement gives more people the chance to see the biggest comeback in boxing history." The fight will be broadcast on pay TV, and a ten-part documentary about the return of Tyson will be filmed during these months, which will be released after the fight.

In the midst of all the hype, Tyson seems to have tasted blood on a sporting level too. Originally it was planned that the fight would be carried out with heavier padded and heavier gloves. In addition, there was a clear stipulation from the Sports Commission in California, where the fight is being held, that there should be no knock-out. But Tyson doesn't seem to think too much of that anymore. He says: «If the opportunity for a knockout arises. I always try to take it. "

(L'essentiel / Tobias Müller)

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