Why is it better to take the bus

Better than driving the bus

  • Then we'll just stay at home!

  • With the online granny through the crisis
  • Written by: Renate Bergmann
  • Voiced by: Carmen-Maja Antoni
  • Duration: 1 hour and 32 minutes
  • Unabridged

Renate Bergmann writes here, good morning! These are crazy times, don't you think? Nobody is allowed out of the house, especially not us old people. Today would have been our monthly birthday coffee at the pensioners' club, which we of course canceled. At a distance of one and a half meters, nobody understands what they're talking about anyway, and the polonaise isn't fun either. But let's be honest, you always have something to do at home and you can make yourself comfortable. In the past, after the war, we had to be inventive, and back then we didn't have a skeip for senior gymnastics.

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