How do you feel good enough

Do you doubt yourself more often and don't feel good enough?

Do you often feel dissatisfied and unhappy with yourself? Feel like you don't deserve it? Do you compare yourself to others and think that they can do things better than you? And when you are good at something, do you feel uncomfortable?

Would you like to have happier, more fulfilling relationships without the constant fear of being abandoned? Would you like to dare to show yourself more? Don't be afraid of making mistakes anymore?

Then here's the good news:

A happy life is waiting for you, right NOW!

But first: You are not alone!

Most people feel that way.

Almost every day we receive e-mails from people who find it difficult to feel good enough ...

And I felt the same way for years ...

I had very strong self-doubt, I always made myself small and didn't think I could do anything.

Even when meeting friends, I felt uncomfortable.

I've always been afraid of making mistakes and that everyone thinks I can't do anything.

Always this feeling that other better / nicer / better - in other words are simply perfect, compared to me!

I probably don't need to tell you that things didn't go well in relationships either ...

I always wondered if I would really good enough for the other person.

I was quickly afraid of being abandoned if the other was me "recognizes".

Fear of being too exhausting, too demanding, too jealous and too sensitive ...

That I have these characteristics am not lovable And lose each other's love

One day I realized that my whole life will go on like this If I don't finally stop doubting myself.

I was pretty much at the end of my tether when I met Maren and with her I found a way to escape this swamp.

Thanks to her psychology studies and her psychotherapeutic training, Maren has brought a path into my life that has made it possible for me to reduce my self-doubts and feel the best I am.

Because what I didn't know in all these years ...

My self-doubts and my conviction that I wasn't good enough were Result of an internal emotional wound from my childhood.

This type of sore is usually inherited from parents as well unintentionally and without malice transfer.

However, once the seeds of these beliefs are planted and not corrected, they lead to feelings of low self-worth, anxiety, anger, and even depression ...

And that for your whole life.

You probably have a wound like that with you ...

When you start taking care of your internal wound, you will feel good enough ...

The key to really taking care of this wound is not fighting your inner negative voice.

And certainly not to numb them with alcohol, food or perfectionism.

But to try to save her.

This powerful inner voice is an integral part of you ...

A part of your deep inner self that has been cut off from you is wounded and in pain.

You have to find this exiled part of yourself again in order to really feel yourself can feel whole and comfortable.

The truth may shock you ...

Because the secret is not to calm down your wounded, exiled part of you ...

It's about getting him back.

Because he's part of you.

Like a lost, lonely child who is fearful and even frustrated ...

Desperate with the desire to return home, to be with the only person who can love it again ...


Because the only way to feel good enough is to reunite with your lost self.

Only then will you accept yourself as you are

Unfortunately, the implementation was anything but easy at first ...

I have ... myself at the beginning not really dared to go this way.

I understood that I had to find my cut part and bring it back.

But my self-doubting voice has tried again and again to stop me.

I got afraid that my feelings like joy, relief, but also sadness and old pain could overwhelm me.

I was scared of not being able to do it and of being unable to take it.

Imagined how happy I would be ...

But the worry remained that in the end, they might not have deserved it.

My well-known doubts, worries and fears have made it really difficult for me to decide which step to take and to show myself that I can actually earned.

But it was clear to me that if I didn't change anything, everything would stay the same or get worse.

It was precisely this pressure that helped me make the decision to take this path.

When I got through it it went pretty quickly ...

The feeling of being good enough in just 7 days

Because it worked so well, we have summarized everything that I have been using successfully for years and what has led to the fact that I can proudly say today and with full conviction:

"YES, I feel good enough - just the way I am, with all the trimmings!"

And that is exactly what you can achieve!

I am firmly convinced of this because more than 274 people have already successfully completed this course.

Even if you have found it difficult to put aside your self-doubts and past attempts have failed ...

It will be different this time.

It doesn't matter what you've tried before. 

Because you are finally taking care of your wound and bringing your lost portion back to you.

You will…

  • Research your protective mechanismsrelated to your self-doubt (And thereby free you from the curse of feeling small)
  • Go behind the scenes of your self-doubts and such get into a new attitude towards yourself. Say “goodbye” to your old, emotional blockages and open yourself up to a future full of lightness and joy.
  • Discover a lost part of you and come in contact with your longings and feel a sense of wholeness.You will understand that you are no longer at the mercy of your self-doubts.
  • Reflect on and rely on what is in you, thus draw confidence from your own energy sources and thereby become independent of the recognition of others.
  • Take a journey into the future and be prepared for what to expect. That strengthens you on your further path, gives you more energy, clarity and serenity - no matter what is going on outside in your life.