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Business support

The effects of the corona virus affect many areas of the Austrian economy.

The federal government is taking all measures to slow down the spread of the coronavirus and to keep the damage to the population and companies as low as possible. Many companies are directly and indirectly affected by the crisis and many people in Austria are worried about their jobs. The federal government has therefore decided on an aid package worth around 50 billion euros to prevent massive unemployment in our country and the insolvency of companies.

In addition to the Corona short-time work and the fixed cost subsidy, both of which were further extended, further measures were taken in 2021, such as loss compensation, the failure bonus or the investment bonus.

The aim is to do everything possible so that our domestic companies get through the crisis well, so that as many people as possible keep their jobs.

Measures in detail

Funding for operational testing

The federal government's test strategy provides support for companies that carry out corona tests. An amount of EUR 10 is to be reimbursed for each test carried out under medical supervision. From the end of a quarter, companies receive compensation for the tests actually performed. Funding is processed using a simply structured input mask in the aws Funding Manager.

Additional information

Telephone information on funding is available from the regional chambers of commerce.

COVID-19 investment bonus for companies

The COVID-19 investment premium of seven percent - or 14 percent if the investment is related to digitization, greening, health and life science - is intended to help companies not postpone their investments despite the corona crisis. In particular, climate-damaging investments or investments in undeveloped land, in financial assets, takeovers or in capitalized own work are excluded.

Additional information

Special Corona short-time work

Short-time work is a tried and tested and flexible means that has already proven itself in times of the financial crisis of 2008/2009. The temporary reduction in normal working hours and wages ensures that as many employees as possible can continue to be employed. For 2021, another 7 billion euros are available to finance Corona short-time work. New is the promotion of training times during short-time work and the option of a short-time work bonus to compensate for the costs of vacation days and loss of tips for the industries concerned.

Guarantees for small, medium and large businesses

Businesses should be enabled to continue paying their bills and be liquid. This is to be secured by guarantees. The guarantee programs according to the SME Promotion Act and Guarantee Act (GG) run until June 30, 2021. Every company that needs a guarantee should get one. Tourism is also offered protection in the form of further guarantees.

AWS regulation on bridging guarantees and fixed cost subsidies / support for tourism companies

Hardship fund for EPU, new self-employed, freelance workers and micro-entrepreneurs

EPU, new self-employed, freelance contractors and micro-entrepreneurs (up to a maximum of ten employees) are supported in the case of an economically significant threat from COVID-19 as part of the hardship fund Phase 2 - Safety net for entrepreneurs - WKO.at available. The hardship fund is processed by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the Federal Government (also for non-WKÖ members).

Strengthening the supply chains

Fragile supply chains are strengthened and ensure that food and medication do not run out in Austria and Europe. Likewise, the production chains for gloves, disinfectants and face masks must be closed in order to make Austria more independent. For the future, a pot is being worked on to ensure the production of essential drugs such as antibiotics and penicillin in Europe. This will become part of the EU industrial strategy. Federal Minister Schramböck announced this at the roundtable with the pharmaceutical industry on March 9, 2020. More information on this under current press releases "Corona Pharmaceutical Industry".

If your company has difficulties due to interrupted international supply chains, you have the option of sending your problem to us at the following [email protected] so that this can be done within the framework of the COVID-19 Economy Task Force with representatives from foreign embassies can be discussed in Vienna with the aim of solving the problem quickly.

"Dealers help dealers" initiative

Together with the trade association, we have started the joint job initiative "traders help traders". The goal: to secure the employment of as many employees as possible from the non-food trade by allowing them to work in the food trade until the end of the Corona crisis. All information is available on the homepage of the trade association.

"Digital Team Austria" initiative

Due to the current Corona crisis, many companies have to switch to mobile working so that employees can do their work from home. However, the necessary digital tools are not available at many companies.

With the establishment of the "Digital Team Austria", we have created an association of companies from the digitization industry under the coordination of the Austrian Internet Offensive. The Digital Team Austria offers digital services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) free of charge for at least three months. The services are ordered via the website of the respective provider. More information is available on Digital Austria.

Revenue replacement for companies

To support the Austrian economy, the federal government will provide a lockdown revenue replacement as a further aid measure as part of the Corona aid fund from November 6, 2020. On November 23, 2020, the lockdown revenue replacement was expanded to include additional sectors (e.g. retail, body-hugging services) and until the end of the official closure on December 6. An extension in time for companies still affected by closings is planned.

Information and FAQ on sales replacement

Measures by the tax office / Federal Ministry of Finance

Due to economic hardship or liquidity bottlenecks due to the Covid-19 crisis, there is the possibility of requesting a deferral or payment of taxes in installments. In addition, you can request that the deferred interest be reduced to zero.

The cancellation bonus gives closed and other hard-hit companies (loss of sales of 40%) financial planning until the end of the pandemic.

Up to 10 million euros per company can be applied for as a subsidy for loss compensation. In addition, the fixed cost allowance for loss of sales of at least 30% can still be claimed. Details can be found on the homepage of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

15 billion euros were and will be made available as part of the Corona aid fund to ensure the liquidity of companies - as a grant or guarantee.

All other measures of the Federal Ministry of Finance can be found under the following link:

Measures of the SVS (formerly SVA)

All SVS insured persons who expect financial losses due to the corona virus or are affected by illness or quarantine receive the following support from SVS:

  • Postponement of contributions
  • Payment of contributions in installments
  • Reduction of the provisional contribution basis
  • Complete or partial forbearance of interest on arrears

The requests for deferral and payment in installments can be submitted informally in writing by e-mail or directly using the online form.

The preliminary contribution basis can be reduced online using this form.

The SVS customer advisors are available by phone on 050 808 808.

Emergency call to research COVID-19

Together with the BMK, the BMDW has provided 26 million euros for companies to support research and development projects for research into COVID-19. Individual R&D projects are funded by Austrian companies that deal with the following topics relating to COVID-19 and that can be implemented quickly:

  • the biology of the virus and its transmission
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Research and development of drugs and other therapeutic methods as well as the development of new diagnostic approaches
  • Planning and implementation of clinical studies (phase I or II)

A total of 137 projects were submitted, 48 projects can be funded.

You can find more information on the funded projects on the FFG website: Funded projects - Corona Emergency Call results | FFG

Comeback grant for film and TV productions

The Comeback grant (PDF, 297 KB) enables independent film production companies to continue filming of cinema and TV productions that has been interrupted or postponed due to COVID-19.

On the one hand, productions that have already started filming and suffer restrictions due to measures caused by COVID-19 should still be able to finish production. On the other hand, productions should be able to start despite possible new restrictions on filming in connection with COVID-19.
The application can be made via the aws funding manager.


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