How does the step counter for iPhones work

Use iPhone as a pedometer

Pedometers are not an Apple invention. They have been around for many years as small devices that can be attached to a belt or worn on the wrist (the pedometer was even invented in 1780!). But it also works without additional hardware such as a fitness tracker or Apple Watch. Your iPhone can count steps too. And this is how it works.

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Activate fitness tracking

So that the various motion sensors on the iPhone can record your movement data, you have to activate the fitness log on your iPhone (if it is not already activated).

To do this, open the "Settings", taps "Privacy" and then on "Exercise & Fitness". Now tap on the switch to the right of "Fitness protocol"so that it appears green.

Counting steps with the Health app

Your iPhone counts your steps automatically. All you have to do is go. Tip: A daily goal of 10,000 steps is also generally recommended to stay healthy.

To view your statistics, first open the pre-installed one on your iPhoneHealth app. Then go to the tab at the bottom left "Overview" and taps the button "Show all health data". Under the subheading "Today" you will also see your current steps, which you can tap.

Here you can keep track of the steps you have taken. You can use the tabs at the top to display your average number of steps on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

You can also add the steps to your favorites. To do this, scroll all the way down in the "Steps" view and tap to the right of "Add to favorites" on the star. From now on you always have a direct view of the steps you have taken as soon as you open the health app.

tip: In another post we will show you how you can count your steps on the Apple Watch!

Alternative: counting steps with the Stepz app

You can also find various other apps in the App Store that evaluate your steps. If you value details and a nice graphic representation, we recommend the free appStepz. Here you can also set a daily step goal to be achieved.

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