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Well kept: Minecraft grows to 112 million players per month

Even after around eight years on the market, Minecraft is still a long way from being old. On the contrary, because the block game should enjoy further growth and, according to studio manager Helen Chiang, now has more than 112 million active monthly players.

As recently as September 2018, Microsoft had a number of 91 million "monthly active users", So more than 20 million players would have been added by now. The new number of over 112 million players per month was told by Helen Chiang, who heads the Minecraft studio at Microsoft, in an interview Business Insider disclosed.

Minecraft doesn't need to hide from Fortnite or Roblox

Although Minecraft has been available for many years, its popularity is unbroken and even outshines younger trendsetters. For example, Epic Games' battle royale hit Fortnite reached around 78 million players per month in August 2018. The sandbox MMO Roblox, which like Minecraft promotes the building instinct of players, is at least on Minecraft's heels and exceeded the mark of 100 million monthly active players in August 2019.

Minecraft is also one of the most popular games in terms of sales with 176 million units (as of May 2019). This also beats the 170 million copies of the long-standing front-runner Tetris or the 110 million sales of Grand Theft Auto V. Fortnite can surpass all of them with over 250 million registered players, but the comparison lags, because, unlike Minecraft, GTA V and Tetris at the time, Fortnite Battle Royale is available for free. Minecraft's inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass in April 2019 should have given new momentum to sales.

Microsoft bought Minecraft Studio for $ 2.5 billion

In May 2009, Minecraft, created by Markus "Notch" Persson, was published for the first time in an early preliminary version for the Java platform. The first alpha version followed in June 2010 and the Mojang studio was founded in December 2010, which brought the first finished version of the game onto the market in November 2011. Persson pulled out and agreed to Microsoft's acquisition of Mojang for a high price of $ 2.5 billion in September 2014. The game is now available on various other platforms from Raspberry Pi to smartphones and game consoles to Windows PCs. In addition, the game found its way into the classroom in Minecraft: Education Edition.

The freedom for players to change the open game world according to their ideas with almost unlimited possibilities is one of the keys to the success of Minecraft, which also serves as a model for today's sandbox games.

Graphics update with ray tracing

The characteristic pixelated graphics have changed little over the years. The "Super Duper Graphics Pack" with a comprehensive revision of the optics has been canceled. Instead, real-time ray tracing will be introduced and provide nicer lighting effects, as ComputerBase was able to determine at Gamescom 2019 using a preliminary version.

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