How do I fix a dead hard drive?

Rescue and restore data from defective hard drives

If a hard drive is defective, this manifests itself in a crash of the operating system, missing data and error messages when saving or reading. Also in the Windows Event Viewer, which you can access via eventvwr.msc call, you can see in the system menu if a hard disk has physical defects. We show you how to rescue data that is stored on defective hard drives.

Use a USB stick to restore

It makes sense that you copy each recovery tool to a USB stick and run it from there. In this way, when you restore files, you avoid destroying the bad fragments of the files that you actually want to restore. You can also start the recovery directly on the respective hard drive, but this involves a certain risk.

Data recovery with the freeware Recuva

A well-known example of data recovery on physical hard drives is the freeware Recuva. The manufacturer also offers a paid version. When Recuva starts, a wizard will help you with the recovery.

In the first step, the tool can scan the data carrier for deleted files. If the surface scan has not returned a result, you can still search the data carrier with a deep scan. This scan can take several hours.

Tip:Recuva as a free download

After scanning, the tool will display the deleted data that can be recovered. Here Recuva differentiates between green (easily recoverable), yellow (partially defective) or red (destroyed).

You can also restore files that have been destroyed. However, there is a high probability that data in the files can no longer be recovered. Select the files to create them and click on in the lower right corner Restore.

Recover deleted files with Restoration

You can also use the freeware Restoration for restoration. Unzip the tool and start it by right-clicking on restoration.exe with administrator rights.

After starting, choose at Drives the hard drive from which you want to recover files. Contribute All or part of the file File extensions in the form * .bmp to not show all deleted files. click on Search Deleted Files, the tool will search the hard drive and display recoverable files. With Restore by copying you can restore files.

Data backup with personal backup

Personal Backup 5 is a free tool for backing up your work. We explain how you can easily set up the program.