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Ikea also offers furniture for the small budget. However, as a test shows, this does not always ensure quality. What good are Pax, Billy and Ektorp?

  • The editorial team of the "NDR“Tests Ikea furniture.
  • Billy, Pax and Ektorp Were tested.
  • in the test Among other things, it was about the price, the quality of the components and the longevity.

Kassel - Pax, Kallax, Billy or Ektorp: Furniture of Ikea have become an indispensable part of many households. But are the Swedish manufacturer's products still as good as they used to be? Or has a deterioration in quality become part of the Group's day-to-day production?

In order to check this, the editors of the "NDR" dared the test. On the one hand, the price-performance ratio was examined. The check is also about how durable the furniture from Ikea are. In the recent past, the furnishings were considered to be particularly inexpensive and lasted a long time.

Ikea: How well did the furniture do in the test?

They were tested Pieces of furnitureBilly, Pax and Ektorp. In the evaluation, the "NDR“-Editorial a carpenter and an interior decorator to help. The products were tested by Ikea among other things on the quality of the components, the price and the longevity.

Popular shelf Billy from Ikea in the test: Group saves material costs

Let's go with that Regal Billy of Ikea. According to master carpenter Uli Hogräfer, the shelves are lighter. "Overall, you have saved 6-7% in material costs," says the master carpenter. The shelf is partly only equipped with cardboard and plastic. “The screws will tear out more easily than with the old model,” announced Hogräfer. However, the construction can also be carried out comparatively easily by laypeople.

Price in 2005:65 euros
Price in 2020:59 euros

Ikea cabinet Pax in the “NDR” test: disastrous surface and even more expensive than before

How does it cut Wardrobe pax in the "NDR“Test from? Master carpenter Uli Hogräfer gives the answer. The structure is essentially the same. But the door hinges have been criticized. "If you are not skilled at it, it takes a long time and you almost need a second hand," says Hogräfer. The surface is even catastrophic. “It's just foil,” explains the master carpenter. Previously built Ikea a melamim surface. The old cupboard was much more durable. Crazy: The module has become more expensive.

Price in 2005:60 euro
Price in 2020:80 euro

almost died putting together my sliding doors for my ikea pax system 😂😭😭😭

- katerinasita (@katerinasita) October 5, 2020

Poor quality - Ektorp sofa from Ikea fails

Last but not least: that Sofa Ektorp. What about the quality of the Ikea product? Upholsterer and interior decorator Andreas Sänger checks the sofa. Here falls Ikea by. There is only cardboard on the upholstery. The spring fastening used to be made of metal - now it is made of plastic. “In terms of quality, the old sofa is more durable, it will last longer,” says Sänger. In addition, the pillow inner lining is made of cheap foam, which quickly flattens out. It used to be goose feathers. After all, the price has gone down.

Price in 2005: 349 euros
Price in 2020: 299 euros

Conclusion: decent quality for little money? Nothing. "Today it's going in the direction of cheap furniture," saysNDR" firmly. Ikea himself did not want to comment on a press request from the editors. (From Moritz Serif)