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"Herbalife" slimming product

Herbalife International Germany has been selling food supplements (NEM), slimming products and cosmetics throughout Germany through direct sales since 1991. For weight control, products are offered for various areas of application: "Basic products" for a healthy weight-controlled diet, protein powder with "protein power" and instant teas as "support" for weight reduction. Energy, sports and fitness products as well as various dietary supplements are also offered.

Advertising and sales

Herbalife products are sold exclusively by independent consultants, many of whom have no state or professional association recognized qualifications in nutritional advice. These advisors invite potential customers from their circle of friends and relatives to the "shake party", where the products can also be tried. The cozy party atmosphere and the relationship of trust help attract new customers. In addition, mailbox advertising and classified ads are being used to address other potential customers. In many cases it is also sold on the Internet.

That is why Internet advertising is also important. In the many weight loss forums, you can often find terrific reviews and experience reports. But skepticism is appropriate. Because only subjective experience is described, it has nothing to do with a scientific study situation. In addition, there is always the risk that the entries come from company representatives who do not identify themselves as such - a fundamental problem with online reviews.

Again and again, consultants praise the supposedly extraordinary abilities of the products in personal discussions to be able to cure certain diseases such as psoriasis and neurodermatitis. But even with more serious illnesses such as rheumatism, diabetes, gout, stroke and heart attack, the first successes should be achieved after just a few weeks; In the long term, however, a permanent income is necessary. Such statements are neither scientifically tenable nor legally permissible. Herbalife Germany distances itself from such false statements and asks you to be given the names and addresses of advisors who make such statements.

The nutritional program

Products are offered for three target groups:

  • for weight control
  • for sport and fitness
  • as a nutritional supplement

For the Weight control there are different components: a shake or bar in different flavors (meal replacement, "Formula 1"), a vitamin and mineral product for women or for men ("Formula 2") and a protein powder made from soy and whey proteins ("Personalized Protein." Powder, Formula 3 ") as well as a protein-rich soup powder. Oat husk compacts and pellets with vitamin C and selected plant parts serve as a source of dietary fiber.

In addition, there are products with aloe vera or mate, instant tea drinks and various food supplements with vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and trace elements (zinc, copper and manganese) as well as amino acid preparations with L-arginine and omega-3 supplements.

The micronutrient content of food supplements is advertised on the Herbalife Germany website, but the legally required labeling information is not complete for all products. In some cases, the amount of nutrients or other substances contained is missing in relation to the daily consumption. This makes it difficult for consumers to make an objective comparison.

For the Target group athletes there are among other things "Formula 1 Sport", a protein-rich shake that is supposed to help control the calorie intake. "Formula-1" is a so-called meal replacement. The composition requirements are regulated by law.
The meal replacement must contain between 200 and 250 kcal per meal and have a protein content between 25 and 50 percent energy. The vitamin and mineral content must be 30% of the daily reference values ​​(according to Annex XIII of the LMIV).

In addition, it is mandatory to note that the product only contributes to weight loss or weight maintenance as part of a low-calorie diet. This is based on the fact that weight loss is not possible without reducing energy intake. Roughly speaking, about 7,000 kcal have to be saved in order to "really" lose one kilogram of body weight. Formula diets are intended to replace meals and thus lead to a reduced calorie intake per replaced "meal". Conversely, this means that losing weight is also possible by reducing calorie intake by changing the general diet - usually towards increasing the consumption of vegetables and whole grain products. The consumption of special expensive foods (formula diets) is not fundamentally necessary in order to lose weight successfully and in the long term.

The preparation of the shakes and other weight-loss products should be done according to the instructions on the package, for example with milk (note the specified fat content) or soy milk. Some advisors recommend the preparation with juices "or better still drinking water" for faster weight loss ("prevents stagnation when losing weight"). With this recommendation, a sufficient supply of nutrients is no longer guaranteed in accordance with the legal regulations, and a risk to health cannot be ruled out. The packaging labels are decisive, not the advisors' prescriptions!

Creative mixed drinks may taste good, but are not suitable as a meal replacement for weight loss.

Meal replacement is not suitable for weight loss in children and adolescents, as it jeopardizes an age-appropriate supply of nutrients.

People with chronic diseases or with previously damaged kidneys should definitely consult their doctor before starting a diet.

Programs and prices vary considerably, especially with Internet providers. Products are also offered privately in internet auctions. We strongly advise against these offers: because of the lack of warranty and money-back guarantee as well as unclear storage / treatment that may reduce the quality.

Since December 2014, online retailers have been obliged to provide lists of ingredients and information on allergens before making a purchase.