Would a dog eat your ferret

Appropriate nutrition for ferrets

Ferrets don't believe in a vegetarian way of life. Ferrets need protein and fat to keep their digestion going. However, since ferrets have a very short intestine, correct and species-appropriate feeding must be ensured.

Ferrets need that for food

At least 80% of a ferret's diet should be made up raw meat consist. Chicken and turkey hearts and stomachs work just as well as bovine hearts and white poultry breast meat. Ferrets can also enjoy green gizzards raw. Beef and pork goulash can be fed cooked. Many ferrets also like lamb. The protein requirement can also be met by dead chicks or mice.

In addition to fresh meat fatty dry food especially for ferrets in pet ownership. Wet food that can be bought for cats is only suitable for ferrets as a snack between meals. Also Green fodder many like ferrets. A piece of cucumber or paprika in between does not harm, but under no circumstances can it replace the meat. It is a healthy dietary supplement and a welcome treat Vitamin paste. It is important that the ferrets always have enough fresh water have available.

How to Feed Your Ferret Properly

Despite their body length, ferrets have a very short intestine. Therefore, they digest relatively quickly. Just three hours after a meal they are hungry again. So bid your ferret at least three times a dayLining at. It would be even better if the animals had access to the feed all day. Dry food doesn't go bad as quickly as raw meat and can therefore be in the bowl all day. If they get the right food and exercise, ferrets won't get too fat either.

You should be your ferret always feed at the same time. This regularity creates security and order for a healthy ferret. Leftover food must be removed from the bowls regularly so that it does not go bad. Ferrets like to carry their food to the sleeping quarters. Also check there whether there is still old food lying around.

Food and drinking bowls or nipple drinkers must be cleaned every day to prevent bacteria from forming. Also, take care of your ferret from the start varied to eat. Otherwise, some specimens can develop into real gourmets. If they then only want to eat raw meat, this leads to an unbalanced diet.

When preparing the food for your ferrets, do not chop the meat too much. Chewing is important, so only cut it into at least 1 ½ cm pieces. It is perfectly reasonable to get ferrets used to wet foods and other treats right from the start. If the ferrets ever need to take medication, these treats are very helpful!

Meat for ferrets should not be cut too small. © stock.adobe.com / zurbagan

Sample feeding plan for a ferret

It is not possible to state the exact amount of food that will fit each ferret. Size, age, gender, and character all affect the amount of food a ferret needs. Also ferrets often eat a little more in autumn, since they still eat winter fat like their ancestors did. You will quickly find out how much your ferret needs. Just watch the food bowl. If it is always empty immediately and the ferret has not hidden the food somewhere in the cage, you can give a little more the next time. If there is always a certain amount of food left over, simply give a little less in the future.

For starters, you can refer to the following Feeding plan for a ferret orientate:

  • In the morning: 50-100 g raw meat
  • In between: vegetables, fruit, egg yolks
  • In the evening: 2 - 3 dead day-old chicks
  • All day long: dry food
If you cannot or do not want to feed dead chicks, give your ferret an additional 50 to 100 grams of meat. However, it would then also be advisable to take a calcium supplement, as ferrets need the calcium contained in bones.

The ferret mustn't eat that

Not everything ferrets would like to eat is healthy for them - some of it is even toxic to ferrets! Bananas, Raisins, Chocolate or other Sweets are unhealthy for ferrets. Also raw pork is dangerous. It can contain the Aujetzki virus, which is deadly to ferrets. Therefore, feed only a little pork and always cook it first. Spices make food tastier for humans, but are more palatable for ferrets Salt & Co. harmful. So don't just dump the leftovers from lunch into the food bowl. Rawer Freshwater fish and raw egg white are also not suitable as food for ferrets. They can lead to deficiency symptoms.