Why is Trudy Beekman Malory Archer's rival

patch / lingua-stem-unine-pm5

use utf8;use strict;use warnings;useopenqw (: encoding (UTF-8): std);use Test :: More tests => 50_000;use Lingua :: Stem :: UniNE :: DE qw (stem);use String :: Dump qw (dump_hex);while (my $ line = ) {chomp $ line;my ($ word, $ stem) = split / \ t /, $ line;my $ result = stem ($ word); is $ result, $ stem, "$ word stems to $ stem" or diag ('got hex:', dump_hex ($ result), "\ n",'expected hex:', dump_hex ($ stem), "\ n",'original hex:', dump_hex ($ word), "\ n", );}# The words used in these tests are from Hermit Dave’s German frequency word# list at http://invokeit.wordpress.com/frequency-word-lists/ and provided under# the Creative Commons Attribution – ShareAlike 3.0 license (CC BY-SA 3.0).__DATA__I ithem themthe theis isyou younot notthe theand andit itthe thewhat whatwe wehe heto toa ain inwith withme methe thehow howYes / Yeson onme meso soa onebut buthere hereare arefor forfrom fromhave gothad hadyou youwas wasthat thatif ifon onthere thereNo noam amstill stillyou youjust onlyhave gother heryourselfone oneus ushave gotthe thathim himfrom fromcan cangood Goodand alsoalreadynowim imhis betimes timesthen thenmy myas asaround aroundmy myYes, yesare arewill willno noafter afterall allman manl meor ornothing notwhere wherewill beknow whitewant wantsgoes goesmore morewhy whyhave gotthem themplease pleasesomething aboutat atmust mustgo Goalways alwaysOh ohbefore beforeman manto theagainvery verysee seesay say