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only crochet in the back looponly hMgjustback loop onlyonly crochet in the front looponly vMgflofront loop onlydecrease / decrease / crochet togetherdecrease / adddecdecreaseincrease / increase / doubleadd / dilincincreasein the next stitchin next stin next stitchin the same meshin same stin the same stitchconnectjoinSet stitch markerspmplace / put markerto repeatrepeatreprepeatRepeat from [to] X times.Depending on the respective source, different characters are used that indicate that the content should be repeated between these characters, Supergurumi uses square brackets [] but are used much more often in German * * or (). The X indicates how often it must be repeated, if no information is given, this is repeated until the end of the round.Different sources uses different symbols to indicate that the content between the symbols hast to be repeated X times, Supergurumi uses mostly square brackets [] but other symbols are common as * * or round brackets (). X says how often the pattern is repeated, if there is no instruction on how often continue crocheting till the end of the round.Repeat from [to] X times.Skip stitchsk stskip stitchstuffstuffturnturnsew upweave inContinue to work the pattern describedwork evenGet the thread / envelopeUyoyarn overFinish crochetyoyarn offremaining stitchesremremainingsew togethersew togethertogetherzsmtogtogethertake offdependbind offabbstitch offdimalternatelydevattacksthenthe followingfollowongoing / continuecontinued / continuedcontcontinueInitial chain stitchStart runColor A, Color B, Color C, etc or Color 1, Color 2, Color 3, etcFA, FB, FC, etc or F1, F2, F3, etcCA, CB, CC, etc or C1, C2, C3, etccolor A, color B, color C, etc or color 1, color 2, color 3, etcThread ringMagic ringStitchingMAinvisible decreaseuAbninvdecinvisible decreaseColor changecolor change startbegbegbegin