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Rainer Tittelbach
Even in a crime thriller, death can be fate. In "Munich Murder - Where are you, coward?", The fourth case of the outsider cops from ZDF, there is a chance encounter in a park that ends with a crime. The commissioners are poking around in the fog, and the unconventional case soon gives rise to a social phenomenon: men like to spit on women. This film revolves around the brutalization of morals and misogyny, which also appears aesthetically realistic with its local color and airy outdoor scenes. The scene of the crime is also close to everyday life, which leaves one accordingly less cold than the multitude of television murders every evening. And so weirdness turns into bitterness ...

Photo: ZDF / Hendrik Heiden

This is your city. A cosmopolitan city not only with a heart, but also with a lot of anger. If you don't strike, you will find other options. Mittermeier, Heerwagen & Held

Evening kissing in the park can be fatal
The evening begins in Munich's Luitpoldpark. Angelika Flierl (Bernadette Heerwagen) runs a few laps calmly. A male jogger is less peaceful, catches her with his shoulder, a little later he bumps into a couple in love. “Watch out, you bum! The woman (Karoline Teska) calls after him. He turns around and spits full in her face. Her boyfriend hits the jogger hard, whereupon the jogger stretches the young man to the ground with a targeted blow and seeks the distance. Flierl witnessed the deed, followed the man, took a cell phone photo, called for help on the phone and only then took care of the injured man, who was suffering from shortness of breath. Not really a case for Schaller (Alexander Held), Flierl & Neuhauser (Marcus Mittermeier). The next morning already: the man died in the hospital. The larynx was extremely violent, in combination with a heart valve defect this must have caused a kind of shock reaction. Shit happens. Fate has struck.

Photo: ZDF / Hendrik Heiden

Unpleasant encounter resulting in death. André Kaczmarczyk & Karoline Teska

Chance encounter and fateful crime
"What is it, coincidence? Divine providence? An arbitrariness in life? Fate? It is said that the flap of a butterfly's wings can change the world. ”With a brief prologue,“ Where are you, coward? ”, The fourth contribution in the ZDF crime series“ Munich Murder ”, anticipates the motto of his case. What follows is the chance encounter that leads to a criminal incident and fateful result in a crime. The lack of connection between victim and perpetrator makes the investigation search for pins in a haystack. Unfortunately, on that fateful evening, the young woman in the park immediately wiped off the spit. Only when a spittoon can be arrested and everyone who was logged in with their cell phone near the crime scene on the evening of death is invited to a saliva test does the damned case start to move. And there are increasing voices that Munich is apparently a paradise for macho spitters. Even the “crazy” Schaller who goes underground (“We can only find this perpetrator on the street”) and in Schwabing, on the streets, in pubs and at the crime scene, indulges in his visions, gets a lot - from his obnoxious boss! With Schaller, who punishes him with disregard, a lot of anger has accumulated, and apparently all sorts of things in the depths of his throat.

The ZDF series "Munich Murder" was developed and produced by TV60Film. The producers are Sven Burgemeister and Andreas Schneppe.

Photo: ZDF / Hendrik Heiden

Feelings of guilt in Schwabing. Angelika Flierl (Bernadette Heerwagen), already blessed with a certain ego weakness, makes serious reproaches. Mittermeier

Spitting Attacks - A Precursor to Rape?
The offense “dangerous bodily harm resulting in death” appears more like a casual encore in this thriller. The spitting attacks are increasingly moving into the center of the plot, and the author duo Friedrich Ani / Ina Jung ("The Invisible Girl") doesn't always mean that funny ("And where is the spit now?") And witty, as in the case, for example by Inspector Schaller, who asks everyone to spit in his face in order to feel what this act of complete disrespect is causing him. Rather, this phenomenon, this physical excitement with a portion of anger mixed in, reflects a social brutalization of morals, above all a widespread misogyny, which in certain circles is breathed out with a powerful saliva. Even if it is not named in the film, such a disgust attack is - semiotic as well as psychological - the preliminary stage to rape. Towards the end, the spitting attack comes to the fore when it comes to the possible conviction. The drama knows the familyLineup, in "Where are you, coward?" there are the spitting attacksReenactment.  

Photo: ZDF / Hendrik Heiden

Juxtaposition. Karl Dettl (Johannes Allmayer) is under suspicion. Teska

Everyday life, realism and a break with crime fiction conventions
Despite all the pointed weirdness that is inherent in the somewhat different ZDF series, this investigator plot has more social relevance than the majority of comparable primetime crime novels. And although the elements of this story are put together extremely subtle, this accidental killing case seems much less thought out and constructed than the capital crimes that happen every evening, the murders out of jealousy, greed or lust. This is due, among other things, to the apparent realism and the corresponding fluid and airy staging. The authors send the director Anno Saul here on the streets of the cosmopolitan city with a heart (and obviously a lot of saliva). The film breathes local color, occasionally relies on Bavarian originals (Gerhard Wittmann or Peter Rappenglück) on the roadside of the investigation, and situation-comical questioning alternates with bitter moments. Dramaturgically and cinematically, this “Munich Murder” episode not only breaks with some of the conventions of the pseudorealistic commercial crime competition, but “Where are you, coward?” Also comes much closer to the everyday experience of the audience and their real fears. This can already be seen in the park scene at the beginning of the film. Here a scenario is developed that everyone knows. As a viewer with experience in crime, you know that something is going to happen. The feeling of discomfort is significantly greater than in threat scenarios that are less familiar to you. What happens then is even more effective than anticipation. Proximity to reality also means that the investigative machine falters and thus the establishment of the truth and the resolution of the case are hindered. But a little bit of thought at the end of a thriller has never hurt anyone. (Text as of July 31, 2016)

Photo: ZDF / Hendrik Heiden

Realistic history, lots of Munich local color and a corresponding look. Still, picture designer Nathalie Wiedemann does not do without magic moments.

Rainer Tittelbach works as a TV critic & media journalist. He was a Grimme juror for 25 years, is an FSF examiner and has been operating since 2009 tittelbach.tv. More

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"Munich murder - where are you, coward?"
ZDF / Series / Crime
EA: 3.9.2016, 8.15 p.m. (ZDF)
With Bernadette Heerwagen, Marcus Mittermeier, Alexander Held, Christoph Süß, Karoline Teska, Simon Schwarz, Johannes Allmayer, Thomas Darchinger, Teresa Weißbach, Stephan Zinner, Jenny Marie Muck, Dorothee Hartinger
Script: Friedrich Ani, Ina Jung
Director: Anno Saul
Camera: Nathalie Wiedemann
Production design: Maximilian Lange
Costume: Theresia Wogh
Cut: Dirk Grau
Music: Ali N. Askin
Production company: TV60Film - Sven Burgemeister, Andreas Schneppe
Quota: 5.17 million viewers (21% MA)

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