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Crowdfunding on Kickstarter: This is how it works

Crowdfunding via Kickstarter works on the "all-or-nothing" principle. This means that a Kickstarter crowdfunding project must reach its target amount, which is set in advance, by the end of the funding phase. Only then does the supporter's money flow. Find out how crowdfunding on Kickstarter works in detail below.

Project initiators are not only active on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform to raise money. Rather, they use the opportunity to build a community around their project. It is inspiring to receive support from others who give the initiators feedback on the projects in addition to money. To start a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter, initiators have to register for free on Kickstarter. Then the following steps have to be mastered on the way to a project on Kickstarter.

  • Define the project on Kickstarter: This includes the goals of the project, the target amount and the duration of the project, which can be between one and 60 days.
  • Define thank-you notes: Typical of crowdfunding is that project supporters receive different thank-you notes depending on the amount of support, for example a copy of the financed CD or a ticket to the financed event.
  • Design the project page on Kickstarter: A project initiator should take enough time for this. The right title, the right photos, a detailed description and information about the initiator himself, for example in the form of a video, are important aspects of the project page that the supporters use for orientation.
  • Promote the project: in order to find supporters, project initiators must ensure that their projects are visible - via email, social networks, the press and in personal contacts.
  • Update project on Kickstarter: Project initiators can use a blog on the project page to keep their communities up to date on the project's progress on Kickstarter.

Like project initiators, project supporters must first register on the Kickstarter platform free of charge. You can then specifically support a project or browse through Kickstarter's numerous projects. In order to support a project with an amount of their own choosing, project supporters simply have to click on the green button "Back This Project". The supporter then enters their amount and chooses a thank you. The money only flows into Kickstarter when the project reaches its target amount at the end of the funding phase.

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter: Fees

For crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform, the operators charge a fee of 5% of the target amount of the project, but only in the case of successful financing. If the project does not reach its target amount at the end of the funding phase, the project initiator does not have to cede any fees to Kickstarter.

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