Why is yoga so popular with foreigners

Ma‘s 'special mission', the daily 15-minute devotion to God, had blossomed into a full samyam saptah. In three decades, the Mahavrata had grown from humble beginnings into great event. The abbots of the important monastic orders came into daily contact with a broad cross-section of our society - with teachers, professors, politicians, bankers, executives, administrators, princes, artists, musicians, doctors, engineers, students, housewives and others.
In 1980 the penultimate Samyam Saptah Mahavrata took place under Ma‘s direction in the prestigious Kailash Ashram in Rishikesh. Pratibha Kundu, a regular participant, writes: “What can be compared with this event? Nobody here thinks of food, sleep, rest and idleness, there is no time for useless chatter. The whole day is filled with japa, kirtan, reading, meditation in moderation, readings from the scriptures and lectures by spiritually outstanding saints. Nowhere else in the world can a normal person who yearns for spiritual enrichment find such an ideal atmosphere and have such an exhilarating experience. Ma calls us all to this week of devotion and gives us fulfillment. Her vani for this week is: 'Whatever one does in remembrance of God is self-discipline (samyam), what moves us away from God is indulgence (bhoga). The way will not open until you lead a disciplined life '. «
The crowd of famous Mahatmas in their fiery red robes sat on the broad speaker's platform. On one side sat Ma in her pure white woes.
This ashram near the Ganga in the foothills of the Himalayas was founded a hundred years ago by Swami Dhanaraj Giri Maharaj. Today's leader, Swami Vidyananda Maharaj, welcomed the approximately 600 participants on the first day. It was a great spectacle of the connection between ascetics in their ocher robes and the lay people of business leaders, simple villagers, scholars, representatives of various professions, artists, princes, and those who served everyone else as cooks and assistants. In the midst of all this diversity, Ma sat in her immaculately white robe and held the attention of the entire community with her wonderful charisma. The Mahatmas paid her respect in many ways. Swami Brahmananda Giri, the director of the Sannyasa Ashram in Bombay, explained Ma‘'s words about absolute obedience to the Guru as follows: ›The scriptures are like the ocean; when you stand on the beach you cannot quench your thirst. However, if the same water rains down from the clouds, then it can bring relief and help. Ma‘s Vani is the essence of all that the scriptures set forth in an infinite way. ‹
      Shri Vidyananda, another prominent sannyasi, said that Ma had made the way of life, which according to the scriptures is only assigned to the ascetics, accessible to all people regardless of religion, origin or gender. Ma had shown that everyone can achieve the highest goal in life - this demonstrates their limitless human love.
Swami Chidananda said that with the end of Samyam Saptah, a new journey of Samyam in life should begin. Ma is the living image of God on earth, one is born again in her presence and should therefore not fall back into one's previous way of life.
Swami Swatantranan-da said that Ma wanted to include us in Satsang - regardless of whether there were only two people or more than a thousand. The Kailash Ashram has been studying Brahma for the past hundred years.