What is the reason why people dance

Psychology: why we like to dance

Most people really enjoy moving to music. No wonder: the feeling for dancing is innate to us.

Come Dance With Me!

That we move to the rhythm of the music is something very human: no animal dances! When children start dancing it is usually very wild. The rhythm of the music automatically makes the body move.

Even infants nod their heads or wiggle their arms when they like a melody. But dancing isn't all about fun for everyone.

Some Indian peoples, for example, conjure up their gods with drums and dances, just as their ancestors did. But everyone has to find out for themselves whether they prefer to dance alone, in pairs or in a group.

Dancing is in our genes

If we look at the history of human evolution, there is much to suggest that people discovered music when they started living in groups about two million years ago. Because dancing together and making music connects people - from young to old. Moving together fosters a sense of community and is fun.

In addition, early humans will have noticed that moving together made a group appear larger, which gave early humans a better chance of survival. Our ancestors may have moved rhythmically before they even knew how to walk upright.

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