Why should I care about health education?

upbringing in children

Being a role model - not that easy at all

The parental home works less through instruction and teaching units than through that Role model from mother and father. The Offspring orientate themselves Already in the early childhood phase and often up to the beginning of puberty, clearly following the example of the parents. If the parents don't Brush your teeth regularly and extensively, it is of no use to urge your son or daughter to use the toothbrush regularly. The same goes for nutrition: why should a child ever care for healthy eating interested if the parents themselves prefer to eat fatty foods from the snack bar?

Didn't you want to start long ago To do sport? Or finally with that stop smoking? Or you don't stress so much anymore to let? The latter point in particular is becoming more and more important: High demands on the youngest lead to real ones even in elementary school age Symptoms of stress. Be a role model here too and exemplify relaxation phases!

Parents are role models in health education!

  • Sufficient exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Pay attention to the body and its signals
  • Avoiding stimulants such as alcohol and nicotine
  • Visits to the doctor in the event of illness and for prevention
  • Regular teeth brushing and personal hygiene
  • Enough free time to relax
  • Hazard prevention in households and traffic
  • Quiet instead of hectic

Think from the child's point of view

Some Parental behaviors are simply incomprehensible to children. Children are often very enthusiastic about sweet, soft snacks from the cooling shelf - when mother or father want to lose weight and instead of the small calorie bombs from the cooling shelf grumpily nibbling a carrot, children don't understand. Then the parents explain this to their child high health value of a carrot, from now on the child will at best Health with unpleasant taste experiences associate, but don't like to grab vegetables on their own.

Small tricks can be used to interest children in carrots:
You look at yourself together with the child - in person or in a picture book - how happy little rabbits are eating carrots. Or one buys the vegetables fresh and prepare it together - maybe with a small raw vegetable salad. The joy of cooking together makes children curious. This makes things much easier in the central educational focus of “health and nutrition”.

Learning to assess dangers

Another important area of ​​health education is that Hazard prevention. Lots Accidents with minor wounds, Scalds and burns or broken bones and traumatic brain injuries could be avoided if the Parents a little less carefree would be. And here, too, fulfilling the role model role is crucial. When parents too risky driving style the offspring will not necessarily behave in a traffic-friendly manner on their first bike excursions.

Conversely, responsible traffic education cannot start early enough:

If the parents stop and look to the left and right before they cross the street, this will also become part of the flesh and blood of the three-year-old offspring.

Forward planning is just as important:
You don't leave anything behind that could be dangerous in the hands of a child riskier residential areas such as stairs, medicine cabinets, sockets and the kitchen by taking appropriate measures child safe. It is almost even more important not to do anything hastily or in an exaggerated hurry, but to do everything carefully and calmly. Because hustle and bustle is one of the main sources of danger in household and road traffic. Again, the parental role model works.

Take away fear of going to the doctor

Now of course it is the same most prudent and responsible upbringing can't prevent that Children get sick every now and then and a visit to the doctor becomes due. Although children already know the doctor's office from the preventive examinations, they are not always pleasant and stress-free either. It is therefore important - also with a view to visits to the doctor that will become necessary in later life - to have one Establishing a connection between "doctor" and "getting well again". This experience can be made aware by choosing one child-friendly practice and a friendly-looking practice team.

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