How old is Burger King

A surprise at Burger King: For the first time in 22 years, the fast food giant is getting a new logo. From February onwards, a lot will not only change visually.

Germany - Burger King revised its complete at the start of the year Brand identity. The most obvious innovation: That logo is exchanged. And there is a special purpose behind it.

Burger KingRestaurant chain
HeadquartersMiami, Florida (USA)
Umbrella organizationBrands International restaurant

Change at Burger King: New logo at the start of the year - mixed feedback on Facebook

On the website of the Fast food chain the optical transformation has already taken place. The logo, which customers have known since 1999, was exchanged. On too Facebook was that logo already presents - with different responses. Some users find it good, while others find it “cheap” or “a little careless”.

What stands out: The style is total rather simple held and reminds of something Retro. In fact, that's quite new logo extremely similar to the one before 1999. At Burger King it is said that you want to build on the tradition and the new one is “an homage” to that 90s logo.

Simple logo: Burger King wants to focus on what's inside - changes to products

The optically reduced appearance has a very specific purpose. The Fast food giant namely wants to focus on more "authenticity and authenticity" in the future.

The external changes should primarily be the Innovations in the products underline. Because even with that what's inside, changes at Burger King quite a bit.

Burger King is becoming even more vegan - more plant-based products in the future

To live vegan is currently more trendy than ever. Many large companies offer vegan products for the so-called “Veganuary 2021” when Lidl or Aldi launches - the global call to live vegan for a month.

Also Burger King want in future vegan products bring more into focus. Part of changing the chain is that more vegetable dishes should be offered.

Change requested by customers: No more preservatives and flavor enhancers at Burger King

Another change is even more serious: it will be in the Fast food chain all products in the future without the additives Preservatives and flavor enhancers give.

Besides, it will too no artificial flavors give more in the products. The modification applies to all from February delivered products. With these Changes responds Burger King according to their own information on the Customer request.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Burger King with the innovations on the changed demand had to react to competitive to stay. Just Additives are always criticized. For example, the consumer center warns that "less is more" when it comes to additives in food.

Burger King in transition: Expansion of the delivery service and digital orders

The changed demand also includes the greater desire for Food deliveries to your door - especially due to the corona pandemic. Accordingly, Burger King is planning one Expansion of the delivery range as well as the digital ordering option.

For this, the chain wants both the own delivery service expand as well as intensify with Delivery platforms work together. Customers can already use, for example, Lieferando at Burger King to order.

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