What is special about Thug Life

What does "Thug Life" mean? Meaning and use


Someone writes "Thug Life" in the forum and you don't know what that means? We'll tell you what's behind the expression.

That means Thug Life: Gangsta Life

The term "thug life" comes from the US colloquial language and means something like "gangsta life". The lifestyle of a "thug", which stands for "gangster", "thug" or "criminal", is differentiated from normal simps. It's also been a popular meme for over ten years.

Origin of Thug Life

Many also associate "Thug Life" with the famous American rapper Tupac Shakur, who made the expression known as an acronym for "The Hate U Give Little Infants F * cks Everybody". This can roughly be translated as "The hatred you give small children fucks everyone", or "makes us all finished".

Previously, politicians in the country had labeled rappers "thugs" with the clear implication that hip-hop and crime went hand in hand. Tupac and many others take a stand against this representation. They drew attention to the circumstances from which the alleged "thugs" came. These were shaped by prejudice, poverty and violence, which only offered bleak prospects for the future.

"Thug Life" became a term for "The life you have to live to rise from the everyday struggle." This idea solidified, so that the term described the success that people achieved without any advantage, overcoming every hurdle in order to get to their goal. Always on the hustle and against all haters.

Thug Life as a meme

By the 10's, "Thug Life" became a meme that is still often seen on the Internet today. Videos of crazy or risky actions, or moments to flex, in which you assert yourself, get involved, break rules and stand there as a winner, were titled "Thug Life". The video clip ends with a confident smile into the camera or just the bold words "Thug Life" and Dr. Dres and Snoop Dogg's "Next Episode".

The "Thug Life" meme is also popular in GIF format. Here it is characterized by pixelated sunglasses, a joint in the mouth, optionally ice, like a gold chain, and a beanie.

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This is how you use Thug Life

You can use the term "Thug Life" yourself when you come out of the hood and are after real talk, for example as a rapper yourself. In the internet community you will encounter the term in a humorous form, be it as a meme in video form or as a GIF.

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