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- September 5, 2017

Visualforce is a framework that enables programmers to develop functional user interfaces in Salesforce. The framework is based on a programming language that is structured similar to HTML.

Structure and application

Three basic technologies are used in Salesforce: Apex, Lightning, and Visualforce. While Apex is the strictly object-oriented programming language in Salesforce, both Lightning and Visualforce are two interface technologies. Visualforce is based on Apex for executing the business logic and is therefore a mixture of HTML, special tags, JavaScript and Apex. This enables developers to quickly develop functional interfaces in Salesforce using Visualforce. In addition, the developed interfaces can be used individually or embedded in the standard layout of Salesforce objects. In this way, z. B. to develop organization-specific apps or to tailor them to the individual starting position.

Further application scenarios are:

  • Overwriting the standard buttons, e.g. B. for accounts
  • Definition of individual tabs
  • Customize, expand or integrate the sidebar in the Salesforce console
  • Add menu items, actions, and mobile cards in Salesforce1

Advantages and disadvantages of Visualforce

The advantages of using it are easy to find. Changes in the program can be made and viewed directly in the Salesforce developer console. It is also possible to map almost every web component using Visualforce.

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Another benefit is that a page has access to global Salesforce variables, such as: B. currently logged in users. The code of the Visualforce controller or the integration of JavaScript can also be used. Visualforce enables development work to be accelerated, such as B. when rendering (automatic recognition of the data type) or creating HTML elements. Many HTML elements can be created using tags without having to intervene in a line of code.

Additional advantages

  • Easy implementation
  • Integration of metadata
  • Automatic splitting of large applications into small, manageable pages

The high development effort required to make surfaces mobile is seen as a disadvantage. In addition, the surfaces do not meet modern design standards and current user expectations. For this, however, Visualforce is a well-engineered program that has gotten rid of all teething problems and ensures reliable, stable applications.

Other disadvantages

  • Higher latency
  • Limited interactivity

OnePager: What is Salesforce Visualforce?

Salesforce Visualforce is a mix of HTML, tags, Apex and Javascript. But what exactly can you do with it?

OnePager: What is Salesforce Visualforce?

Introduction & Best Practices

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