How good is travel

Why travel is so good for the psyche

Anyone who hasn't been traveling for a long time knows it - wanderlust. At some point we really long for the adventure, to experience something new, to feel the feeling of freedom and above all: variety. The speed of everyday life with which we live day in and day out leads to a longing to let go and to get away from the rut.

New places, foreign languages, exotic smells, unfamiliar activities and social contact with other cultures are experiences that stimulate the brain in a special way. These intense impressions create memories that remain anchored in the traveller's memory for a long time, often for a lifetime. Adults often even remember vacations from childhood, while other things from that time have long been forgotten. Whenever people experience something new, their perception changes a little. This method is often used in memory training to create new connections between the nerve cells, which is the basis for learning. If the job doesn't bring it along, it's difficult to discover new things in everyday life. While many have to force themselves to be active in their free time to experience new things, this usually happens on their own on vacation - provided you don't just sit by the pool all day and just get up to order a portion of French fries with currywurst in German .

The further the better?
That doesn't necessarily apply. An active holiday in nearby areas can be just as good for the brain and psyche as wandering far away. It is more about addressing the sensory stimuli in a wide range and providing a change from everyday life.

More exercise on vacation
Active holidays such as hiking, climbing, surfing, diving, snowboarding or skiing have the advantage that physical activity is beneficial for brain health and sustainably strengthens self-confidence. This makes you happier, more balanced and protects against coming stressful situations. And afterwards you are fit enough to better integrate sports and activities in everyday life.

Last but not least, travel makes you happy because you consciously treat yourself to something. The anticipation can drag on for months and after the trip, the experience remains anchored in the memory for a long time - even without vacation photos.