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The goal of meditation is to let the mind become peaceful and calm. When the mind has found peace, we can let go of everyday worries and mental discomfort is a thing of the past. Regular meditation promotes inner peace and happiness. As you practice meditating, you will more and more often experience a feeling of deep inner peace. Regular meditation also helps to stay happy even under unfavorable external conditions. Those who want to learn to meditate can attend courses in the Vairochana Buddhist Meditation Center, take part in retreats or simply withdraw for a few days.

Those who want to meditate are welcome in the Vairochana Buddhist Meditation Center. In this center there is a temple that invites you to meditate and contemplate. As a blessed place of silence, the temple is ideal to linger, meditate and relax. When you meditate, you regain strength for everyday life. A Buddha statue of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni, who lived over 2,500 years ago and brought Buddhism into the world, is located in the center of the altar. The approximately two meter tall statue is surrounded by other Buddha statues, a stupa, Dharma books and offerings. By looking at the statues you can already experience powerful impressions of the spirit and the way to deep inner peace is paved. If you want to visit the temple and meditate there, you should register in advance. The Vairochana Buddhist Meditation Center is located in Sitterdorf near Bischofszell.

Learn to meditate and control the mind

Today's everyday life is dominated by stress and hectic pace. Most people hardly have time to withdraw and think about existential issues or give their minds some rest. Many people find it difficult to control the mind. We allow ourselves to be influenced predominantly by external events. When things happen that we evaluate positively, our mind is happy. On the other hand, if the circumstances are perceived as negative, then we are promptly unhappy.

Our minds are attached to desires that we hope to be fulfilled, and we become miserable when the hopes are not fulfilled. By meditating one can become independent of the external circumstances. Those who devote themselves to meditation and also enjoy the silence create an inner space and ensure that their own mind becomes clear. The emotional roller coaster that goes hand in hand with depression and excitement gives way to an inner balance.

Meditate - find back to yourself

By meditating, you will learn to control your mind and experience deep inner peace. You become more independent of external circumstances. If you meditate regularly, you will improve your alertness and concentration. Meditation also has a positive effect on your health.

Meditate - Get to know the different options

If you want to meditate and learn different meditation techniques, you are in the best of hands at the Vairochana Buddhist Meditation Center. Lectures on meditation are held regularly in our center, you can be guided in meditation and retreat into silence for a few days. Come and visit us. We are looking forward to your visit.

Vairochana Center - Finding inner peace while meditating.

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