How to say fire in Latin

ignis (Latin)

Part of speech: noun, (male)

Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: classic: [ˈIŋnis], Church Latin: [ˈIɲɲis], Plural:
Word meaning / definition:
1) fire
Origin of the term:
from Indo-European * egni-, see ancient Indian agni- "Fire".
Application examples:
1) Igitur Dominus pluit super Sodomam et Gomorram sulfur et ignem.
Typical word combinations:
1) ignissacer
Derived words:
ignescere, igneus, igniculus, ignifer, ignigena, ignipes, ignipotens, ignire, ignitus


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Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in Latin:

Quae medicamenta non sanant, ferrum sanat; quae ferrum non sanat, ignis sanat; quae vero ignis non sanat, insanabilia reputari oportet. set example 1342415

Amicus magis necessarius quam ignis et aqua. set example 3331609

Thomas vigil ignis fieri vult. set example 5195991

Quinquaginta illi thalami, spes tanta nepotum, / barbarico postes auro spoliisque superbi, / procubuere; tenent Danai, qua deficit ignis. set example 6843365

Dixerat seine, et jam per mœnia clarior ignis / auditur, propiusque æstus incendia volvunt. set example 6876606

Ilicet ignis edax summa ad fastigia vento / volvitur; exsuperant flammæ, furit æstus ad auras. set example 6885782

Ex minima magnus scintilla nascitur ignis. set example 7023157

Cum ergo occubuisset sol, facta est caligo tenebrosa, et apparuit clibanus fumans et lampas ignis transiens inter divisiones illas. set example 7757289

Cumque duo pergerent simul, dixit Isaac Abrahæ patri suo: "Father mi". Ille respondit: "Quid vis, fili?" "Ecce, inquit, ignis et ligna; ubi est victima holocausti? " set example 7781861

Apparuitque ei angelus Domini in flamma ignis de medio rubi; et videbat quod rubus arderet et non combureretur. set example 7975349

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Fire:… Kasai) Catalan: foc (male) Kurdish: agir Kiswahili: moto Latin: ignis (male) Maori: hai Dutch: vuur; 3) brand Occitan: fuòc ...

igneus: īgneus (Latin) Part of speech: adjective Meaning / Definition: 1) fiery, flaming, burning Origin of the term: 1) from Latin ignis "fire" Synonyms: 1) ...

igniculus: igniculus (Latin) part of speech: noun, (male) Word meaning / Definition: 1) Flammchen, Spark Origin of the term: Diminutive of the Latin noun ignis ...

mare:… - the Iberian Sea 1) mare aegaeum - Aegean proverbs: 1) Mare, ignis, mulier tria sunt mala. - The sea, the fire, the woman are three evils. 1) mare ...

forare: ... Hephaestion incolae vocant, foratum pluribus locis solum, quod sine ullo nascentium damno ignis innoxius circumit. "1)" Abit igitur vita eorum in profundum et ut nihil ...

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