Why does Barcalona sell Neymar

Barca return? Ex-agent says: "PSG would sell Neymar"

Offensive star Neymar left FC Barcelona in 2017 for Paris Saint-Germain. There is now speculation that the Brazilian will return to the Catalans. His ex-advisor Andre Cury makes you sit up and take notice.

Paris Saint-Germain had Neymar's services cost a whopping 222 million euros in the summer of 2017. In the French capital, the 29-year-old attacker still has a working paper until 2022. This is to be extended, with rumors emerging again that FC Barcelona could interfere. In an interview with the Catalan newspaper Sports Andre Cury, once an advisor to Neymar, said that a move to Barca was possible.

Cury has plan for Neymar deal

"I had a plan that I would execute. You sign Neymar and divide his value over five seasons, and every year you have to raise the same millions to cover his costs," said Cury, adding: "Den You are sure to find sponsors, and there is also income from jersey merchandising and ticketing. Since he left, jersey sales have fallen by almost 30 percent and ticket sales by 20 percent. Without a pandemic and with Neymar, 20,000 more people come into each game Stadion."

Neymar return because of Messi?

The players' agent stressed that the friendship with Lionel Messi could be the decisive factor for Neymar to return to Barcelona. "With Neymar and Messi, whoever wanted to pay 300 million for the naming rights, for example, will pay 450. Neymar still has five or six years at the top. Messi would certainly stay to the magical moments they had together After that, Leo will leave Barca, logically because of his age, and Neymar will be kept until a successor is found, "said Cury.

Cury thinks a sale is possible

He also thinks that Paris Saint-Germain would be quite ready to sell the Brazilian. "I think so. Every club in the world that has a player that says they don't want to renew and has another year of contract has to sell him," said Neymar's ex-agent and asked: "Why should you have a player keep who wants to go? " Whether PSG would really do this, however, is speculative. A return to FC Barcelona seems unlikely.