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Star Wars Timeline: Watch the series and films in the correct order

With “Star Wars The Mandalorian” at the latest, series in the “Star Wars” universe have also become a part to be taken. But how can not only “The Mandalorian”, but also series such as “Star Wars Rebels” or “Star Wars Resistance” be categorized into the overall canon of “Star Wars”? The order of the classic films is relatively clear - even if the first film started in 1977, but it was Episode IV of the actual story. But the series? That is why we - also with a view to the popularity of our "Marvel Timeline" for the Marvel Cinematic Universe - created a timeline for the official "Star Wars" canon.

So, let's take a look at the classic films: "Episode IV" was the first film, and the reference to this fourth episode was already in the opening credits of the film. Of course it was a bit surprising that part 4 started here, but obviously it was simply more exciting for "Star Wars" inventor George Lucas to tell the story of Luke Skywalker and to save the history. Incidentally, the official counting of the years in which the films are set is based on this Episode IV. The focus is on the “Battle of Yavin”, ie the point in time when the rebels destroy the first Death Star. Everything that happens is counted in "Before Battle of Yavin" (BBY), everything after that in "After Battle of Yavin" (ABY). We have included that in our timeline.

After the classic trilogy, which contains episodes IV, V and VI, the prequel trilogy (episodes I, II, III) continued. The main narrative was completed with the sequel trilogy (episodes VII, VIII and IX). If you want to catch up again - here you can see all nine parts again at the same time ... ;-)

Between the main films, the first “Star Wars Story” films were released, on the one hand the very good “Rogue One” and the rather poorly received “Solo”. And then we have the series ...

... which, funnily enough, also has a film, namely "The Clone Wars". Like the film, the series of the same name is animated and has an eventful history. It was produced from 2008 to 2014 and is now experiencing its finale on Disney +. "Stars Wars Rebels" and "Star Wars Resistance" are also animated. The first real series is “Star Wars The Mandalorian”, which was also very well received by the audience. Season 2 is over and should be released in October 2020.

This brings us to the timeline - this is what it currently looks like:

(Click here for a high resolution version)

There are already a few ideas for expanding the timeline - for example, I wanted to include the Ewoks films and series, even if they were taken out of the official canon at some point. In addition, more real series are planned - we will of course add them accordingly. If you have more ideas - start with the comments.