How can anyone find true beauty

It's actually true: true beauty comes from within

Your beauty is by no means a question of the external! Coach Regina Först reveals how you enchant others with your charisma.

Inspirational words from a wonderful woman

Yesterday I got stuck with a special post on Facebook: An old woman, whose face glowed with joy and beauty, was asked: “What make-up do you use?” “For my lips I use the truth,” she replied, “for clarity for my voice, lowering my gaze for my eyes, doing good deeds for my hands, sincerity and straightforwardness for my body, love for all that is for my heart, wisdom for my thoughts, the path of for my soul Determination and faith for my desires. "

This wonderful woman has summarized my convictions in a few simple sentences: Great looks and a fascinating charisma are not only based on external appearance, but above all on inner beauty. Self-acceptance and self-love create an aura of dignity and pride that cannot be bought. These in turn result in the law of life of attraction: those who have a beautiful charisma attract beautiful, positive things - and vice versa. What I think and feel, I radiate - and what I radiate, I attract.

What do we find attractive?

Marketing experts know, however, that the more attractive the packaging, the better a product with high quality content will sell. The packaging has to be of the same quality as the content - document and reflect its value. The same applies to us humans: the first impression one has of a new person is based solely on external appearances. On clothing, body language, style - and for women, of course, especially on hairstyle, well-groomed hands, perfume and make-up. If all of this forms a coherent, harmonious picture, we feel attracted.

But we quickly lose interest in people who have nothing more to offer than “beautiful packaging”. However, if the inside corresponds to the outside, our attention multiplies and we are fascinated. An appealing, attractive exterior is always the first step towards an appealing overall appearance. The second step is authentic, inner beauty.

How do I make my inner beauty shine?

The question now is how you can manage to inspire other people with your charisma. The answer is amazingly simple: try to be as real and authentic as possible! We follow people who touch our heart, who are real and thus take us emotionally with them. "Emotion in motion" so to speak. Be the gem - and let your styling be the setting in which it sparkles!

Do you need instructions? Role models? Just think about the last people you touched - and why: Who “illuminated” you? Who did you find charismatic? I bet if you can figure out the reason for your sympathy, you will get to emotional causes.

With this in mind, I wish you a really "bright" time,

Your Regina Först