Is a vaccine painful afterwards

Corona vaccination Side effects from Astrazeneca vaccine?

In parts of Sweden, corona vaccinations with the active ingredient from Astrazeneca have been stopped for the time being. The reason for this are side effects in about a quarter of those vaccinated. Since these were hospital employees, this could lead to staff shortages.

Astrazeneca: Side effects were known in advance

The pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca had already indicated fever as a relatively common, but mild and quickly temporary side effect of its vaccine.

Other side effects reported are temporary local and systemic reactions such as pain and tenderness at the injection site, mild to moderate headache, fatigue, chills, fever, malaise and muscle pain.

Larger proportion of side effects than expected

What clearly distinguishes the current data from Sweden from the information provided by the manufacturer: In tolerance studies before the approval of the Astrazeneca vaccine, only ten percent of the test subjects had side effects. In a hospital in the Swedish province of Sörmland, on the other hand, 25 percent of those vaccinated had to struggle with side effects. Hospitals in the provinces of Gävleborg and Jönköping are said to have had similar experiences.

Cases of side effects after vaccination with Astrazeneca vaccine also in Germany

According to a report in the Neue Westfälische Zeitung, corresponding side effects are also said to have been observed in the Minden-Lübbecke district in North Rhine-Westphalia. There were several illness-related failures there after vaccinations with the Astrazeneca vaccine. A total of at least 21 rescue workers were affected.