How do I store Office files safely


Versions: Microsoft Word 2016, 2013 (32- and 64-bit) and Office 365

Do you ever get annoyed that Word takes you straight to your OneDrive cloud storage when you save a file? Have you accidentally saved files there and not on your hard drive as you intended?

Saving documents in the cloud certainly has advantages - especially if you want to access the data with multiple devices and from different locations. But not everyone wants to give their personal data out of hand in this way.

Even if Microsoft doesn't force you to save Word documents on OneDrive, it is at least annoying that your personal OneDrive cloud storage is suggested as the default storage location first. Fortunately, that can be changed:

  1. Choose File options at.
  2. Switch to the category to save.
  3. Activate in the area Save documents check box Save to computer by default.
  4. in The Field Default local file location you can also enter a folder that is suggested first when saving.
  5. 5. Then click on OK.

Now when you save a document for the first time, Word jumps directly to the area in the Backstage area This pc or. computer. A double click on it opens the Save as-Dialog with the specified local default location.