Is it worth getting a water bed

*** We do everything for you ***

We build a waterbed into your existing bed frame. Just ask one of our employees.


Spare parts for your existing water bed (regardless of the manufacturer), such as replacement water core, new pad, new safety tub, etc. etc.

Waterbeds from us still mean real craftsmanship

Made in Germany (Mühlacker)

Our water bed consists of:

heater = High quality carbon heating
Edition = Sewn by hand by us
Water core = Welded and processed by ourselves
Foam border = High quality foam is cut and coated
Substructure = Own joinery = own cut = respond to your wishes

With us you still get quality at a discount price ... you saveup to 50% compared to other waterbed companies

Our water beds mean:

  • We are manufacturer: Made in Mühlacker
  • We are the specialist for individual planning and assembly in the Pforzheim, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and all of Baden-Württemberg area
  • Decades of experience
  • Delivery time only 1-3 days
  • Up to 5 years guarantee
  • Special requests are met
  • Water beds up to 3.00 mx 2.20 m
  • Water mattress can also be built into your existing bed frame
  • We are also there for you personally after the purchase
  • 100% service
  • We have over 200 wood decor in our range
  • New: probe system in the water bed -
  • Experience the new way of FEELING & HEARING music

Come by and have a look around, we look forward to your visit!

We spend around a third of our lives sleeping. If we improve the quality of our sleep, then we automatically improve the quality of at least a third of our lives. In reality, more, because a good night's sleep has a positive impact on your entire life. That is why it is worthwhile in every relationship to take special care of this third of life. We'll help you with that.

We are the specialist for individual planning and assembly.

  • Moving your waterbed
  • Care product service
  • Exchange & spare parts
  • repair
  • Construction & assembly

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