The Shiites pray tarawih and Friday prayers

Muslims have free and compulsory prayers. They do this in the mosque or in other places.

The free prayers are called Dua, which means supplication. With them, Muslims can ask Allah for something or give special thanks to him. To do this, they look for a suitable text from the Koran or pray in their own words whatever goes through their heads.

The compulsory ritual prayers are called salah. They are prayed in Arabic and should be performed five times a day. The names of these prayers also relate to the different times of the day. your name is

  • Fajr - the morning prayer before the sun rises
  • Dhur - the midday prayer
  • 'Asr - the afternoon prayer
  • Maghrib - the prayer after sunset
  • 'Isha - the night prayer.

The exact time for the performance of the individual prayers is determined by the position of the sun. Everyone can choose the place of prayer themselves. It just has to be clean.

On Friday, many men also meet in the mosque for common Friday prayer. In Arabic it is called Gumu’a prayer.

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