How many trumpets do you have


If you would like to learn to play the trombone, we have put together some information for you here.

Basically, the trombone is a bass trumpet because of its cylindrical tubes up to the bell. In appearance, however, it differs significantly from the trumpet, because instead of valves it is equipped with a pull that can produce different chromatic tones by changing the length of the tube and varying lip tension. This made the trombone the first brass instrument that could be played chromatically.

The tenor trombone is the most common instrument and, if it is equipped with an additional valve, it can also play well in the lower register. Thanks to the quart valve, children can also play the trombone because they do not have to pull out the slide that far in combination with the valve.

The trombone is at home in many styles of music. It is essential in trombone choirs, wind bands, symphony orchestras and big bands. The trombone is also very popular as a solo instrument.
The starting age is around 10 years old (depending on body size). Student instruments can be found from around 500 euros. There is also a wide range of used instruments.

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Subject teacher: Mr. Brandes