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Hwelcome to the reviews of the Water ionizer test 2021. Our editorial team shows you all of the water ionizers we have examined. We have put together all the information we could get and will show you one too Overview of customer reviewsthat we found on the net.

Our goal is to make your purchase decision easier and to help you find the most suitable water ionizer for you.

We give you the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) in the Advice area and the right answers for the product. Test videos should not be missing, but unfortunately were not always available. Of course, there is also other important information that should help you to buy the right water ionizer.

Buying advice: the most important things in brief

Water can be treated with water ionizers. With the help of electrodes, basic water as well as acidic water is created.
Different water conditioners are available on the market. In addition to mobile versions, there are also professional devices for permanent connection.
Alkaline water has many benefits for the human body. It is used to neutralize excess acidity and protect against diseases.

Purchase advice: This is our assessment of the water ionizers

1. GOSOIT hydrogen water ionizer

The Gosoit ionizer is a mobile water purifier that works with a built-in battery. The device can bring 300 ml of water to a pH value of 7.2 to 9.5 in just three minutes. Its housing impresses with its modern design. It consists of high borosilicate glass which can withstand high temperatures. Charging works via a USB connection.

2. Rosenstein & Sons water ionizers

The water ionizer from Rosenstein & Sons was developed for stationary use. The device offers three concentration levels up to 1,000 ppb. Up to 1.5 liters of water can be prepared in one operation. The current status is shown on the integrated LCD display. You can use cold water as well as warm water up to 60 degrees Celsius.

3. iRayer water ionizer

This powerful water ionizer can produce seven different types of healthy water. The pH range is between 3.5 and 10.5. The electrolysis takes place by means of an advanced electroplate technology, which is settled with platinum. Furthermore, the device has a replaceable activated carbon filter that retains impurities from the water.

4. Water ionizer & filter RETTIN MMP 5050

This professional water ionizer is used to produce alkaline water. It is connected to a water pipe. Various values ​​can be read and set on the built-in touchscreen. In contrast to other water treatment systems, the Rettin MMP-5050 even has two integrated filters.

5. David Lee mobile water purifier

With this mobile water conditioner, ultra high purity hydrogen-rich water can be produced. An integrated ion exchange membrane removes contamination and absorbs the remaining chlorine ozone.

Water ionizer at Stiftung Warentest

When we searched the consumer portals of Stiftung Warentest (www.test.de) or Konsument.at (comparable in Austria) we could not find a direct water ionizer test. However, Stiftung Warentest tested 9 different water filters in May 2015. Furthermore, the test magazine Ökotest (www.oekotest.de) checked some water filters in December 2019. For this reason, we have compiled the results of the test as well as further information on water ionizers from the Internet and show them in comparison. We also looked at other sites that publish tests themselves and let their results flow into our texts.



Stiftung Warentest

Advice: The following sections answer the most important questions when buying a water ionizer

What is a water ionizer and what is it used for?

A water ionizer is a water conditioner that is used at home or in offices and kitchens. During the treatment of water, an electrolytic reaction takes place in it. It can produce basic drinking water with an excess of electrons and acidic water with a deficiency of electrons. Alkaline water helps to detoxify and deacidify the body. Acid water can be used for disinfection.

According to the opinion of Korean researchers, ionized water even contains antioxidants. In competitive sports, too, positive effects could be determined from the consumption of alkaline activated water.

Healthy water thanks to a water ionizer

What types of water ionizers are there?

Various water ionizers are available on the market. Portable ionizers work with batteries or accumulators. Others will be powered from the wall outlet. Simple jugs with a filter system even work completely without a power supply. Professional water ionizers are connected directly to the cold water pipe. Most of them even contain an upstream activated carbon filter that can hold back residues from the water. It is usually installed below the sink. The job of a water ionizer is to raise the pH of the water. Alkaline water has a positive effect on the body.

What is ionization?

During ionization, molecules or atoms are used to form negative and positively charged ions. With the help of water ionizers, table, spring, mineral and medicinal water can be produced.

How is a water ionizer constructed?

A water conditioner consists of an electrolysis chamber. This is divided into two chambers by a permeable membrane. There is an electrode in each of these chambers. One is called the negative cathode and the other is called the positive anode. After the device is started up, the particles separate and thus two different types of water are created.

On the one hand, alkaline water is produced, which is also known as activated water. In the other half of the chamber, oxidized, acidic water is produced. This is also called dead water. The activated water contains minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Hydrogen, chlorine, sulfur and phosphorus are found in acidic water. Other manufacturers also produce flow water ionizers. In these, the water is fed under pressure into two separate chambers.

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What effects does treated water have on the body?

The optimal pH of human blood is between 7.37 and 7.43. One hears again and again about the acidification of the body. Most often this is due to poor diet, stress, or an unhealthy lifestyle. The acid-base balance can be influenced. If the body is acidic, diseases can develop more quickly.

Acidosis makes you more susceptible to diabetes, skin diseases, rheumatism and cardiovascular diseases. Consuming ionized water can help rebalance the body. Alkaline water is supposed to increase the pH value in the body and counteract acidification. Alkaline water not only tastes softer, but also has the optimal pH value for the human organism.

The pH value range from 0 to 6.99 is called acidic. Water with a pH of 7.0 to 7.2 is considered neutral. Liquids in the pH range from 7.2 to 14 are called basic. However, water is only considered edible in the pH range from 7.0 to 9.5.

In addition, alkaline water is said to have the following advantages:

  • It slows down the aging process,
  • It hydrates the body,
  • It helps in weight loss,
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • It increases the absorption of important vitamins and minerals
  • Ionized water contains antioxidants

However, we have to say that the aforementioned advantages have not yet been scientifically proven.

The voltage, conductivity and residence time of the water in the electrode chamber have a major influence on the pH value.

How does an ionizer work?

A water ionizer should not only filter water, but also enrich it with ions. These two processes are responsible for water treatment and the associated health benefits. The existing water quality is also important during treatment. As a rule, tap water is settled with heavy metals and impurities. The filter built into the water ionizer has the task of holding back particles and clarifying the water.

For the actual ionization, water runs into the electrolysis chamber. There, electricity is passed through the water at different intensities. Due to the applied voltage, water is broken down into the components hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). The redox value is used for this. This provides information on whether water can accept and release electrons. For example, alkaline water has a negative redox value of -500 to -900 mV.

Because of this, the water can give off excess electrons. Water with a positive redox value can absorb electrons, i.e. charges. Carbonated water has a positive redox value of +150 to +750 mV. The human body has a value from +50 to -200 mV. Now you can imagine what effects the consumption of alkaline water has on the acid-base balance.

How long has ionized water been around?

The origins of ionized water go back to 1800, when the English chemist Michael Faraday discovered the law of electrolysis. About a century later, the Russians used this discovery to manufacture the first electrolysis devices. Based on this principle, Japanese researchers found out in the 1960s that water can be divided into acidic and alkaline water. At the time, this process was known as water ionization. The researchers also investigated the impact ionized water has on the body. For this reason, water ionizers have been used for a long time in Japan, Korea and China to prevent acidification.

Multiple filters reduce contamination

Article choice: which of the following water ionizers is most useful for you?

Water ionizers are manufactured in different designs, which we would like to present in more detail in the following lines. If you also want to use alkaline water at home, the next sections are relevant for you. We differentiate between the following water ionizers:

  • Flow water ionizer
  • Pot ionizer
  • Portable ionizers
  • Countertop water ionizer
  • Undercounter ionizer
  • Low pressure ionizer

Flow water ionizer

A flow-through ionizer has platinum-coated titanium electrodes inside. As with the gold plating of jewelry, they wear a thin layer of the precious metal platinum. Depending on its size, a flow-through ionizer can ionize water to a greater or lesser extent or separate it into acidic and alkaline components.

Platinum plays an important role in ionizing, as it can increase the efficiency of electrolysis. During the electrolysis process, the water is first filtered and then divided into two water flows by a membrane. This semi-permeable membrane also separates the plus and minus poles of the electrodes of the water cell. This creates alkaline ionized water and acidic water.

Pot ionizer

Pot ionizers are mainly used in laboratories. Unfortunately they need to It takes a long time to process tiny amounts of water. However, they score with an extraordinarily good performance. They belong to the devices that can produce alkaline water and base concentrates (Kathlyt) or acidic oxide water (Anolyte). However, there is one exception with the pot ionizers: We are talking about the hybrid hydrionator, which combines a pot water ionizer and flow-through electrolysis. A Hybrid Hydrionator can even be operated without being connected to the tap. It can also be filled with bottled water.

Portable water ionizer

Portable water ionizers can be used anywhere. They are so compact and lightweight that they can be easily transported. So you can produce and enjoy filtered and ionized water everywhere. Mobile water purifiers usually work with batteries.

Countertop water ionizer

These types of water ionizers are typically attached to the faucet. With an appropriate accessory, they can also be attached to the angle valve. They perform very well with all water hardnesses. Inside, built-in electrodes ensure ionization.

Undercounter ionizer

Undersink water ionizers are, as the name suggests, hidden under the sink. They are connected to the fixed washing machine connection. An additional tap is also required for the installation. Otherwise, the function is similar to that of a flow-through ionizer.

Low pressure ionizer

In the case of low-pressure ionizers, the water flow is regulated by means of a tap. For this reason, the ionization performance is always different. It is also very difficult to fix the pH value in drinking water.

What are the advantages of water purifiers?

  • Filtration of impurities
  • Positive effect on the metabolism
  • Reducing the hardness of the water
  • Better, softer water taste
  • Ionized water contains antioxidants
  • Water can be used for tea, coffee, baby food, and cooking
  • Slightly acidic water is used for disinfecting and cleaning
  • In the long run, water is cheaper than regular shopping at the supermarket
  • Reduction of heavy metals and chlorine
  • Removes bacteria, viruses and parasites

You can regulate the acid-base balance with alkaline water

Which factors help you when comparing different water ionizers?

You are certainly taken by surprise by the large range of water ionizers and do not know which device is the right one. For this very reason, we have put together some criteria for you with which you can compare different devices.

When buying, keep an eye on the following criteria:

  • Handling and optics
  • capacity
  • Ionization process
  • economics
  • filter
  • Cleaning and descaling
  • price

Handling and optics

Many water ionizers are not only technically but also optically state-of-the-art. The manufacturers go to great lengths to design the devices. A second faucet is usually installed for table-top or under-table units.

Several selection buttons and an integrated display can be found on this. The ionization process starts at the push of a button. Mobile ionizers are made very compact. Operation is simple, as you usually only have one button to choose from. In contrast to the stationary ionizers, mobile devices are operated with batteries. So you can make ionized water anywhere, anytime.


The capacities of the individual water ionizers are different. Depending on the manufacturer, the capacity is between 0.2 and 3.5 liters. With this parameter you know how much water can be ionized in one process.

Ionization process

The duration of the ionization process varies from device to device. Good water ionizers take less than five minutes to complete. Manufacturers indicate the dissolved hydrogen gas scale in ppm (parts per million) or parts per billion (ppb). A value of 1200 means that there are about 1.2 milligrams of hydrogen gas per liter. According to studies, a value of 0.5 milligrams of hydrogen gas per day is said to have positive effects on health.


Basically, they are water ionizers very economical devices. When ionizing one liter of alkaline water, only about 300 milliliters of acidic water are produced. This can then be used for disinfection and cleaning.


Water ionizers have a built-in filter that usually stays in the device for between three and six months. Then it has to be exchanged. The activated carbon filter reduces impurities as well as chlorine, lead and other heavy metals. The water is optimally cleaned due to the small pore size.

Cleaning and descaling

Some devices are equipped with a cleaning system. By changing the polarity and direction of flow, no lime will set in the first place. Because of this, the devices last quite a long time. In the following video you will still be shown how to descale a water ionizer:


Good water ionizers also have to be paid dearly accordingly. The purchase price of a water ionizer varies depending on the equipment, capacity and type.Mobile devices are the cheapest and can be had for 50 to 100 euros. For table-top devices you pay significantly more with 200 to 500 euros. Low-pressure water ionizers range between 700 and 1500 euros. Undercounter ionizers are even more expensive and cost at least 2,000 euros.

Useful information about water ionizers - data and facts

Is ionized water harmful to the body and organism?

But on the contrary. Even if it has not yet been scientifically proven, many studies assume that ionized water actually benefits. Alkaline water should not only bring the acid-base balance in order, but also have an antioxidant effect.

Can you consume too much ionized water?

Basically, it is not possible to consume too much ionized water. The water is enriched with minerals, calcium or magnesium, all without the use of chemicals. Even if you ingest a lot of alkaline water, it won't do any harm. For this reason, you can even switch your consumption completely to alkaline activated water. A sufficient supply of water is very important, especially when exercising.

Does ionized water help against heartburn?

Even if ionized water is not a panacea, so it can definitely work against heartburn. This was found out in a study. Since ionized water is basic, it can neutralize acids well. Those who do not consume medicinal water or activated water regularly can reduce the occurrence of heartburn. However, it is also important to have a healthy diet without coffee, nicotine and alcohol, and get enough sleep. In countries like Korea, China and Japan, alkaline water is recommended for all types of digestive problems.

Ionized water is even said to relieve heartburn

Can you consume alkaline water during pregnancy?

The consumption of alkaline water during pregnancy is even said to be positive. In Japan we have had very good experiences in this regard. Ionized water also helps with purification. At best, you can start consuming activated water a few months before pregnancy. In this way, the amniotic fluid can develop an optimal pH value.

When is it better not to drink ionized water?

If the immune system is weakened or another disease is present, the consumption of ionized water should be restricted. In these cases, you should consult a doctor before consuming alkaline water.

Which manufacturers of water ionizers are there?

There is a large number of manufacturers on the market. The best known are the brands David Lee, Rosenstein & Sons, Gosoit, AquaLiving and others.

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