How do I become Bernie Bro

When Bernie Sanders is already the compromise

In recent weeks, many US Democrats from the party establishment have accused supporters of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' racism and sexism. Elected officials and television experts used comments from the Internet to belittle Sanders and harm him. Although the majority of its campaign is led by People of Color and women, the criticism of the “Bernie Bros” (from “Bernie Brothers, for example: Bernie supporters) continues. The »Bernie Bros« narrative, invented by Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016, accuses Sanders of the fact that some of his followers spread a male, sometimes even racist, »toxic« culture of harassment online. The reaction to Michael Bloomberg's candidacy shows that many of these critics are not really serious about racism and sexism. Or at least have shot themselves in one direction rather one-sided.

The far, far worse racism of the ex-republican Bloomberg with actual consequences for thousands of people in real life, one hears hardly any criticism at the moment. The racial profiling policy in his time as New York City Mayor was perceived in black neighborhoods as a terror campaign in everyday life. Bloomberg sees the reason for the financial crisis of 2008 in the fact that the previous discriminatory lending policy in black neighborhoods had been ended. There are also dozens of harassment allegations and lawsuits from women who worked in Bloomberg's companies. He is said to have even advised an employee to abort her child.

The supposedly sexism-critical television experts at CNN and MSNBC now often only shrug their shoulders when the many misconducts of the oligarch Bloomberg are mentioned. Anyone who can really make it somehow because they have enough money is apparently fine to beat Trump. Those bourgeois critics who proudly carried the label "Resistance" in front of them for the past three years and rightly criticized the mixing of business and politics at Trump are suddenly quite quiet. As a presidential candidate, Bloomberg would have the same conflicts of interest as Trump. He has already attracted attention for his embarrassingly uncritical behavior towards China, where he also happens to do a lot of business.

Michael Bloomberg tries with might to buy the favorite position among the moderate presidential candidates of the US Democrats. With his 2,500 employees, he is already building large campaign teams out of the ground in states where elections will only take place in several weeks or even months. He pays simple employees more than twice as much as the competition for Joe Biden, Pete Buttiegieg or Amy Klobuchar. As a result, they can hardly find any qualified personnel on site. Bloomberg has also already spent around $ 400 million on online and television ads, dominating screens in every state. In many, the other Democratic candidates have not yet run a single ad. Bloomberg is also apparently trying to buy campaign helpers on Instagram, so-called memers.

Privileged commentator class

That privileged journalists feel uncomfortable with the nonsense they spread on Twitter or on television (such as when MSNBC moderators read articles in which supporters of the Jewish presidential candidate Sanders, who lost family members in the Holocaust, refer to as "brown shirts" be), finds sharp criticism in the form of comments from Sanders supporters, does not first and foremost shows the supposedly widespread sexism or even racism of the "Bernie Bros". Rather, it shows the priorities of a class of commentators and politicians who expect and are used to not being held accountable for their actions.

But behind the bitter complaints about the aggressiveness of the Bernie supporters is also a deeply bourgeois understanding and the instrumentalization of "civilization" and "good behavior", which ultimately maintains the status quo. Unlike the well-paid top journalists, donation and survey data show that many Sanders supporters actually belong to the working class. For the one-third of Americans who find themselves in precarious, low-paying jobs or groaning under the weight of their college debts, as well as the more than 600,000 Americans who go into high debt annually on hospital bills, it is "uncivilization" and the class struggle Reality. After decades of neoliberal, programmatic and personal erosion of the US Democrats, they are beginning to "fight back" and to re-appropriate "their" party.

Republican light party

Under the consensus politician Obama, who was advised by liberal think tanks and consultants, the party lost around 1,000 seats in national parliaments. In many areas, they no longer put up candidates because it was supposedly badly invested money. Many progressive Democrats changed that in the 2018 congressional election, also inspired by Bernie Sanders' campaign two years earlier. Many failed, some were successful and thus helped the party to "make up ground" beyond the liberal cities.

For years, Democrats had been content to be "Republican-light" in terms of economic policy. And then in the 2016 presidential election they were amazed that the establishment incarnation par excellence, Hillary Clinton, lost the crucial swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, plagued by job loss and globalization.

The party's functionaries and television experts, paid by business lobbyists, have preferred to be polite in recent decades and tried to compromise with the Republicans, but got nothing in return. This is also the case with Obamacare: Obama adopted a bill penned by the conservative Heritage Foundation and later represented by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a non-partisan gesture to the Republicans. Despite numerous other concessions, not a single Republican ultimately voted for the law.

The Democrats largely looked good at Republican power politics and are now completely overwhelmed by Donald Trump's more aggressive erosion of the country's democratic institutions. Contrary to what Joe Biden claims, the President is no exception, but only a consistent continuation of the Republican Party's shift to the right. The development, which has only reached a new intensity under Trump, began under Republican leader Newt Gingrich in the 1990s.

If the Democrats want to defeat Trump in November, they not only need a lot of money (which, by the way, Sanders also offers: his campaign estimates that by the time of the election it will be able to collect one billion dollars in small donations - that is how much Bloomberg wants to spend). You need the mostly young base of Sanders and their enthusiasm in the doorstep election campaign. You also need his most loyal supporters who are ready to take full action against Trump, because the "battles" for messages on the Internet will be brutal, insulting and unfair. You won't get very far against Trump with politeness.

An angry online army

Sanders has also raised a lot of money so far and pays over 1,000 employees across the country. But it is also the strategy of his campaign to give volunteers a lot of responsibility. They then sometimes continue to fight on their own, responded to Sanders' heart attack in October with voluntary extra activism, without having been asked to do so by the campaign. Now they are starting to fire at Michael Bloomberg from the net: For example, they cut video clips of his scandals and worst comments, because in Bloomberg's candidacy they see the last contingent of neoliberals in the Democratic Party to stop Sanders.

The mostly young and poor "Bernie Bros", including the female and minority families among them, as well as the democratic socialists, who make up around ten percent of the democratic party base, all like Trump address the real anger in the country. Among them are wounded souls, outsiders, and many systematically harmed. People who have lost loved ones because health insurances could not pay for vital operations.

For them politics is not a game. For them, Sanders is already the "compromise" that prevents them from simply "burning everything down" - variations of this statement can be found on Twitter again and again. The "Bernie Bros" are just the most active part of something that is much broader. According to a survey from last summer, 70 percent of Americans are "angry" and think the system only works "for insiders on Wall Street and in Washington DC, for those with power and money." The Bernie Bros don't just want to get more votes than the Republicans. You want to defeat them, if necessary, not just at the ballot box. "Do you know why Bernie Sanders is particularly attractive to me?" TV presenter Bill Maher recently asked his viewers. “He's got a damn army of motherf ****** ready to fight it out on the streets as well. No other democrat has that. "

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