What is digital marketing and its scope

Online Marketing: An Important And Right Step For Lawyers

FAQ: Online Marketing

What does online marketing include?

This term encompasses all marketing measures that use digital media. This can include websites, advertising on search engines, presence in social networks or the sending of newsletters.

What are the advantages of digital marketing?

If you want to win new customers online, this is relatively inexpensive and you do not necessarily need an external service provider. As a result, the advertising measures differ significantly from offline marketing.

What does online marketing bring for lawyers?

Anyone who is also active in lawyer marketing online can thus win new clients. Because more and more often, people are no longer looking for suitable legal advisers in the yellow pages but on the Internet.

Lawyer marketing today is digital marketing!

Nothing shapes our time like the conquest of digital space. Since the introduction of Web 2.0 offers and social media, the Internet has become one Mass phenomenon and has set off a wave of digitization.

Through the Development of mobile devices Like smartphones and tablets, the way we communicate, how we work and how we get information has changed profoundly. The internet is also being explored almost barrier-free by older citizens every day.

Advertising is where the target group is! Marketing has to take place on the internet today if it does successful and future-oriented wants to be. An advertisement in the regional newspaper has not had the for a long time Range and impactthat she had years ago. So it's time to start looking at online marketing. Our guide gives you an overview.

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SEO, Google & Social Media: A Definition of "Online Marketing"

A distinction is currently made in advertising between offline marketing and online marketing.

The former describes the classic advertising formats such as flyers, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, business cards or posters. On the other hand, when online marketing is mentioned, it is usually about placing advertising in digital space in such a way that the target group can be optimally reached.

Of course, it is possible to simply rely on range and that digital visibility overall increase. With the tools from online marketing, however, it is possible to reach the target group efficiently, planned and strategically. Instead of wasting resources such as time and money with the watering can principle, by means of Monitoring an optimal use of the advertising material can be achieved.

In contrast to offline marketing, advertising on the Internet must also unexpensive be. Basically, a good idea is often enough and the target group's attention is certain. Still, one should solid base be created. In terms of advertising, as in the physical world, the web is always about being seen. Hence online marketing should too on different fronts operate.

Important channels for internet advertising

You decide on the scope of online marketing

Of course, with the digital restructuring of lawyer marketing, you cannot optimally use all channels right from the start. There are also no fixed timetable that you can use for orientation. Rather, it is a matter of the “try & error” principle.

So you have to experiment and use monitoring to find out what best responds to your target group. However, this is inevitable Search engine optimization (SEO) as part of search engine marketing (SEM).

The aim is to design your own website in such a way that search engines like Google can find it and under certain keywords lists high above. Online marketing therefore focuses on websites and their search engine optimization (SEO).

But also for the customers needs their own Homepage be attractive. This is achieved through an intuitive layout, user-friendliness and good service offers. In addition, the content is crucial. If it is presented in an interesting and appealing way, you can make a contribution to customer acquisition and client loyalty.

Whether you Search engine advertising or social media you should decide based on your situation and according to your goals. The maintenance of the individual channels is complex and ties up time, personnel and thus financial resources.

Law firm marketing: What opportunities does web marketing offer you?

If you have only reached regional clients with your firm's marketing, you can also use online marketing to do a national target group be made accessible. But even those who prefer to remain active locally can strengthen their profile online.

Today, customers often first look for services on the Internet. Anyone who is not visible on the web with their website will simply become not found. As a result, many lawyers are still squandering potential. Entries in so-called Lawyers' directories. These work like the well-known "yellow pages" and refer clients to a wide variety of lawyers. They can also be useful in terms of SEO.

In this way you can also do a so-called Affiliate marketing operate. This means that other companies use their own digital infrastructure to direct potential customers to your website. The affiliate providers usually receive a commission for this.

Social media for lawyers

Social media is also a part of online marketing. The social and commercial importance ofFacebook, Twitter and Co. is well known. You can use these channels to get in touch with your clients and stay in touch. Social media platforms are exciting for lawyers Xing and LinkedIn. You can spin your network on the business portals and distinguish yourself as an expert. In addition, social media is also an effective means of retaining clients.

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Online Marketing: An Important And Right Step For Lawyers
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