What is the root word of technology


The word technology comes from techne, a Greek root word translated into Spanish as "Art" or "Science" . This term is used to describe a type of action that is governed by standards or a specific protocol and the purpose of which is to get a certain result both level scientist how technological , artistic or from another area. In other words, a technique is a regulated procedures and guidelines which is used as medium achieve a certain end .

The technique assumes that in similar situations, repeating behaviors or performing the same procedure will produce results same effect . Hence it is a Way of acting ordered, which consists in the systematic repetition of certain actions.

Usually, technology requires the use of very different tools and skills, which can be both physicist how intellectual . It should be noted that the use of techniques is not an exclusive human custom, but that different kind of animals They also use techniques to respond to their survival needs.

In this sense, it should be emphasized that technology is the result of people's need to be able to change their environment in order to achieve an ever better quality of life. In this way it could be established that it emerges from his imagination and that, once he has established himself in it, he carries out the concretization and practice to achieve the marked goals.

This fact, which we uncovered about the development of the technology, can determine that it is based on a fundamental pillar, the dichotomy or the trial-and-error binomial. And it is that the various tests that are obtained and the errors that they cause are those that make it possible to obtain the appropriate procedure for the needs that are to be satisfied.

Other fundamental characteristics of technology are the fact that it is transmitted between people, improves both with time and practice, that each person inevitably prints their own stamp, and that it is not just something about the people, but also animals. However, these techniques are certainly not that complex in animals.

In the man On the other hand, technology appears as a resource developed against the need to change the means to suit your needs. It has the peculiarity of being transferable but it is not always done consciously or under a reflective profile. A man can learn a technique from others, transform it, or even invent a new technique.

With that in mind, we can take as an example a sentence like this: “Messi is a very applauded football player at all times. Not only does he have an undeniable gift and a spectacular scoring nose, but also an impeccable technique that allows him to surprise everyone. "

The technology It has techniques as subjects of study, but also deals with evaluating the various uses. The word consists of two terms of Greek origin, the one mentioned techne and Logos ("Set of knowledge" ). It is said that technological activities influence the social and economic progress of the EU society , but that also affects them environment .