Which kpop dance burns the most calories

Dancing yourself healthily: which dances burn the most calories?

Fit by dancing

In contrast to many other sports, when you dance you not only train individual muscle groups, but the entire muscles of your body - and this can also help you lose weight. Muscles burn a lot of energy. The more muscle mass you have, the fewer calories go unused into the fat deposits and gradually become the unloved cushions on the abdomen, hips and co .. In addition, the diverse movement sequences while dancing also get the cardiovascular system going and keep it going the joints supple and stimulate the burning of fat.

In order for dancing to have a lasting effect on your health, you should ideally whirl on the floor two to three times a week. Regardless of whether you prefer waltz, hip hop or merengue - regular exercise strengthens your organism in any case. However, if you want to burn as many calories as possible with dancing, some dance styles work better than others.

Zumba: More effective than any other dance

You can really work up a sweat at Zumba. The dance from South America combines aerobics with movement-intensive dance styles, including salsa, merengue, samba and calypso. With the frequently changing tempos and the sometimes strenuous sequences of movements, you can improve your stamina with Zumba and melt away excess pounds. During the power workout, you burn around 200 calories within half an hour. In dance, Zumba is one of the front runners among the calorie killers.

These dances also help in weight loss

As a rule of thumb for losing weight, the more you exercise, the more calories you burn. For this reason, the fast, high-movement dances are best for losing weight. You burn almost 160 calories within half an hour of dance training with square dance, polka and line dance. In swing, flamenco and belly dancing, the fat deposits melt at about the same speed. The foxtrot, waltz and mambo are a bit more leisurely. The calorie consumption is correspondingly lower. Here you only burn around 105 calories per half hour. If you want to try your hand at dancing, it is best to find out about current offers from a dance school in your area. Addresses in your area can be found directly below this text.

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