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Pisces zodiac sign - characteristics and character |

What behavior is typical for the fish? You can find all the important properties of the Pisces zodiac sign here!
The fish consists of a real sea of ‚Äč‚Äčemotions. Pisces born between February 20th and March 20th are typical of the season, just as blooming and warm as the upcoming spring. Their planet is Neptune and their element, how could it be otherwise, the water.

Character traits of the Pisces-born

Pisces born are emotional. Rational thinking is not one of her strengths, but that doesn't matter, because her sensitive and sensitive mind makes up for it. Their emotional repertoire is immense and shapes the character and characteristics of the fish.

Strengths of the zodiac sign Pisces

If you need good advice or, better still, an open ear, you will most certainly find it with the fish. He is extremely sensitive, always helpful and often acts selflessly. The fish would do anything for family and friends. The behavior of the fish is just as colorful as the colors of the sea. Always in a good mood and happy, the day is his playground and always offers new opportunities and possibilities. The zodiac sign is particularly strong and patient when dealing with others. His selfless and sensitive behavior makes him the number one contact point for family and friends.
Pisces are the hippies among the signs of the zodiac and are always understanding and dreamy. A certain mystical and romantic streak woos her character. When dealing with people, animals and nature, the zodiac sign is compassionate and, if necessary, also sympathetic.

Weaknesses and quirks of the fish

Fish are often haphazard and chaotic and therefore live into the day. As devotional as they can be, they are so weak in making decisions and usually do not know what they want from life. Without discipline and inhibited by inner fears, they spend a long time searching for their personal meaning in life. The fish avoid arguments with a wide bow, because they do not like to take responsibility and the consequences for their actions.
The fish can be influenced and likes to take over the opinions of others in order not to have to deal with it himself, because the typical fish is a sentimental and therefore often over-sensitive, almost unstable creature.

The zodiac sign Pisces in love - adventure or romance?

The fish born is very charming but then prefers to remain a loner. As much as he enjoys being there for other people, he also has to protect himself. If he spends a long time with someone who has a strong character, the fish quickly takes on the habits, opinions and behaviors of the other person.
In general, it seems very difficult and almost impossible to accurately assess the characteristics of the fish. The "He loves me, he doesn't love me" game could be played forever with the fish. After all, he feels drawn to all people and connected to them from a purely human perspective.
Since the fish looks intangible, it is often a mystery to its partner even after years of relationship. He just doesn't like being looked at in order to protect himself and to maintain his inner freedom and peace.
Arguments or heated discussions turn out differently with Pisces than with other signs of the zodiac. Its oversensitivity can lead to tearful hours or even to permanent arguments, as the fish immediately feels personally attacked due to its sentimental nature.

The fish in the job - career is not everything

Pisces are very peculiar and leave the big career plans to others. After all, constant competition and the pressure to succeed are not for them. Even if the fish is considered a visionary, it has no interest in typical tinkering or problem-oriented work.
In general, the fish is not a particularly big workhorse. For him, the only thing that counts is the working atmosphere. Nice colleagues and a pleasant environment are very important. As long as the fish is comfortable and has fun at work, it can also perform well.
However, his empathy qualifies the fish for many career paths. Empathy and sensitive handling are qualities that are in great demand and allow a wide range of work. Due to its creative and inspiring way of looking at it, the fish is particularly at home in the artistic field. No matter what the fish chooses, his career choice is never completely clear, because his diverse interests pull him in different directions.

The fish as a man

As a true romantic, he makes women's hearts beat faster. The zodiac sign Pisces knows what women need and likes to spoil their loved ones with a lot of affection, tenderness and an open ear. A man who can listen. What more do you want?
However, if you prefer a real macho with a hard shell, the Pisces man is unfortunately nothing for you. Arguments, loud discussions and scenes drive the fish away. He prefers to feel safe and so it is difficult for him to prove himself and to be his man. So it's no wonder that the fish prefers to give up straight away to keep the peace. When it comes down to it, however, he knows what to do and can rely on his instinct.
The Pisces man is a little slob and can get lost in his thoughts here and there. This is what makes it so irresistibly attractive and mysterious.

The fish as a woman

The Pisces woman also knows how to use her instincts. The Pisces woman cleverly manages to wrap her counterpart around her little finger. It does not do this in a calculating way. Her tender and sensitive mind simply awakens the protective instinct of each individual. She seems helpless to others, but in reality the Pisces woman knows how to help herself and can always rely on her gut feeling.
Like the Pisces man, the Pisces woman likes to evade difficult situations. Outwardly, she often looks like a sensitive one, as she reacts quickly with tears. The wrong words alone can hit and hurt a Pisces woman very deeply.
However, when it comes to her loved ones, the Pisces lady sees red. If someone is sad, she knows how to help immediately and puts a smile on the face of the person opposite. Friends and family can always rely on an open ear.