Is wake surfing dangerous

Is kitesurfing dangerous?

It happens again and again that laypeople ask you whether kitesurfing is dangerous. Of course I always answer with "No!" But is that really true?

But these are exceptions, just as most bathers at a bathing lake do not drown, or as in the rarest cases someone falls during a mountain tour.
Accidents happen, more or less depending on the activity.

The nice thing about kitesurfing:
90% of accidents happen out of recklessness or overconfidence, which is actually nothing more than recklessness.

That in turn means that you have this 90% in your own hands. So you can determine yourself how dangerous or how safe kitesurfing should be for you.

You choose the kite spot on your own responsibility.
You make sure that your material is in order and has been set up correctly.
You have the weather in view and are informed about the wind conditions.
And you alone decide where and how you kite.

All of these things are counted as active safety measures, because you can actively decide whether it suits you or not.

Jumping in shallow water is more dangerous than in deep water, kiting with obstacles downwind is more dangerous than without.

And standing on the beach with your kite in the air is more dangerous than with your kite on the ground.

Follow a few simple rules and kitesurfing is very safe.

You have to be disciplined ...

Although I know everything written above and although I am sure that 99% of kite surfers know that.
The fact remains that 90% of accidents happen out of recklessness.

You just have to be disciplined and stick to the rules.
If I only think about all the nonsense I've done!

From jumping in ankle-deep water to eating a banana with a kite in the air.
To do this, I just sat on a stone on the beach and munched on.
How stupid! Man man!

The biggest danger when kitesurfing is solid ground

Almost all accidents that I have heard of or witnessed myself happened on land or near it.

I know people who have broken vertebrae. On land!
No, they weren't land boarding, they stood on land with the kite (see eating banana and shit above!).

I know people who kitted too close to land and accidentally jumped onto land ...

I also know people who shot their cruciate ligaments because they jumped in water that was too shallow ...

But I don't know anyone who has happened to while he was following the rules mentioned above.

You are the maker of your own happiness. This also applies to kitesurfing!

Kitesurfing is very safe

So, from my point of view, kitesurfing is not dangerous.
The human factor is dangerous, you always think that it won't happen to you yourself.
But that applies to many areas of life.

Even if something unexpected happens despite all the precautionary measures:
There are well-engineered safety systems in place for kitesurfing.

Often it is enough to let go of the bar and the danger is over.
Most modern kites lose a lot of their pulling power when you let go of the bar.

If letting go of the bar isn't enough, that's itIt is possible to bring the kite to an immediate, controlled crash with one hand movement.
As a rule, there should no longer be any tensile force.

Travel by all means and, despite the triggering of the safety system (kite crashes), you are still in danger. So you can completely separate yourself from the kite with one more movement.

That you have to trigger the safety seldom happens, that you have to part with the kite even more seldom.

In addition to the kite's safety system, you can also protect yourself with a helmet and impact vest.

These measures are called passive safety measures. They serve to protect you if, despite all active measures, something goes wrong.


Kitesurfing is as safe as you would like it to be.
There is always a residual risk, but this residual risk is minimized by sophisticated security systems.