Who will win the Rajasthan state election

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The election result negative for Congress has various causes. On the one hand, the mood and anger of the voters about fundamental grievances in the desert state had obviously been overlooked. On the other hand, the Congress failed to establish electoral alliances with parties like the Bahujan Samaj Party or the Lok Jan Shakti Party enter into. With the help of such alliances, some of the losses could have been avoided.

Instead, the Congress tried to score points with the popularity of Gehlot, who also stood out during his reign by giving his ministers decisions in their departments. It is due to this image as the central figure of his party that voters projected fundamental problems in the infrastructure sector onto Gehlot. Factors such as the frustration of many voters because of the high unemployment rate, the dissatisfaction of government employees as well as the increasingly younger electorate and their lack of identification with the government in Jaipur also played an important role in the outcome of the election. 30 million first-time voters alone, which corresponds to 40% of the total number of voters, were registered for this state election.

The election success of the BJP can not only be attributed to these circumstances, but must also be attributed to the party's aggressive election campaign, its organizational superiority and the development program point it emphasized.

These factors resulted in the BJP making huge gains in the for the Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled castes reserved seats and won the choice. Of 33 seats reserved for that Scheduled castes they got 26, the Congress only five; with the 24 seats reserved for the Scheduled Tribes won the BJP 15, while the congress was only able to secure five places.

The high popularity of the BJP top candidate Vasundhara Raje Scindia is likely to have ultimately led to the clear victory of the Hindu nationalists, who largely avoided using religious arguments during the election campaign. Despite her origins from a privileged family, Scindia was elected the first female chief minister of Rajasthan across all classes and castes - it was above all the benevolence of the voters that helped her to this victory.