What is the role of an understudy

Translation for "a second occupation" in English

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We are essentially looking an understudy.
But certainly there is an understudy.
I had to leave and you jumped in and they an understudy did you give a brilliant performance.
I had to run away, and you stepped in, and like to understudy, you gave a brilliant performance.
Similar to the way how an understudy takes on the lead role when the first cast themselves in ...
Kind of like the way to understudy would traditionally take over when the lead finds himself -
Do not forget that it always does an understudy just waiting to be snatched away from you.
Too bad there's always to understudy waiting in the wings for you to slip and fall.
We have an understudy, but it is needed because Laertes has a fever.
We have one understudy, and he's already being used because Laertes has mono.
All invited around the same afternoon an understudy that management didn't know about until they were forced to pull the curtain up at nine o'clock.
All of us invited that afternoon to attend an understudy's performance, about which the management knew nothing until they were forced to ring up the curtain at nine o'clock.
He portrayed Andrew McNair in the Broadway version of 1776, which shaped him into a sought-after character actor who stayed through the show's entire season and never did for that role an understudy gave.
He portrayed Congressional custodian Andrew McNair in the Broadway version of 1776, which made him the one actor who stayed throughout the entire run of the show and was never understudied; he also played the part in the 1972 film of the musical.
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