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Die-Bibel.de app

Experience the Luther Bible 2017, the Luther Bible 1984, the Basic Bible and the Good News Bible in one modern app. And the best thing about it is: the offer is completely free of charge for you. The Evangelical Church in Germany and the German Bible Society are giving you these Bible editions as a gift!

I'm actually a dedicated paper reader, but the Bible app is awesome! It's been a long time since I used the Bible as often as I've been using the app. (Heike Abdel Karim)

Die-Bibel.de app is new

New function
New design
Proven quality

So that you know what has changed and improved in the app, we have summarized the most important function updates for you:

  • All translations can now be used directly online without registration. The download must be initiated manually so that a translation can be used offline. You can decide this individually for each translation. Registration is required for offline use.
  • Notes and highlights can be synchronized between different devices. To do this, they are saved in the user profile that is created during registration. There are no bookmarks, use a marker for the corresponding verse instead.
  • For daily Bible reading, you can use a reading plan of your choice with your preferred translation. The progress in the reading plan is also saved in the user profile. Since the Bible reading plan is opened directly in your preferred Bible translation, markings and notes are now also visible in the reading plan and can be created directly in the reading plan.
  • Biblical impulses and news from the work of the Bible society enrich the offer on the homepage.

The Bible for your smartphone

Die-Bibel.de app!

  • The app is free.
  • In addition to the 2017 Luther Bible translation, you can also download the 1984 Luther Bible as well as the Good News Bible and the Basic Bible as additional Bible translations into the app free of charge.
  • The start page gives you quick access to the Bible text and your current Bible reading plan.
  • You can log into the app with your Die-Bibel.de user account and save your bookmarks, notes and highlights there.
  • You will receive notifications about important innovations in the app.
  • For the further development of the app, we want to understand how the app has been used so far. We therefore collect anonymised usage data that help us to improve the app. You can deactivate tracking at any time.

Here available for free

Die-Bibel.de as an app for iOS
Die-Bibel.de as an app for Android

Further digital Bible editions of the German Bible Society

The world is changing rapidly, and with it the way we record texts. We read news on the Internet on the screen and e-books on the go on our smartphone or e-book reader. This means that we always have many books with us wherever we go - including the Bible, of course. The digital Bible editions also offer some advantages compared to the printed book: Bible passages can be opened quickly and without scrolling, and with a search in the Bible text you can easily find the passage you are looking for. Further information on the Bible text is always just a click away.

Website Die-Bibel.de

Do you use an operating system other than iOS and Android or do you have an older device? In the past few years we have continuously expanded our online offering. Today we are represented with numerous online Bibles, academic encyclopedias and work aids for the Bible. And many more digital offers will follow. Because it is important to us that you find exactly the Bible editions, materials and aids you need on the Internet - be it for your work in the church or school, for your studies or your personal Bible reading.

eBook editions

Do you want to read the Bible on the go, quickly look up the most important passages and have access to background knowledge? Our eBooks are available in the popular eBook portal or in our shop for many eBook readers. If you would like to use the eBook edition on your smartphone or tablet, we offer you the appropriate app in the respective app store.

Bible software for your PC

Our classic Bible software is for all users who want to study the Bible intensively, be it for professional or private reasons - for academic work or the preparation of church services and religious instruction. Here you will not only find German Bible translations, but also the relevant academic editions of the Hebrew Bible or the Greek New Testament. The offer is supplemented by the electronic Evangelical hymn book, a digital Bible atlas and other resources. In addition, our international Bible software partners offer a large number of Bible texts, commentaries, encyclopedias and other publications.