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Don't scribble in anything. Don't make any kinks. Don't spill anything on it. And just? do not leave it in the rain. We all learned from an early age: books have to be treated well. But that it is so much fun? makes not to do exactly that, shows this imaginative book: Drill holes in this page with a pencil. Document your dinner. Take the book with you in the shower. Archive the stamps of all your mail here. Write with the pen in your mouth. Let off steam on this site when you're really upset. Each page of this book acts like a break free and releases unimagined creative energies. To create is to destroy, says Keri Smith. The reverse is just as true, however. Because while you finish the book, a funny, exciting and very individual work of art is created. Let yourself be inspired by it and then: Finish your book! Show the world your finished book at Read and Download Keri Smith book Finish This Book (Extended Edition).

Finish This Book (Extended Edition) by Keri Smith

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