How can Foursquares explore the system

House rules

It is what it is: Foursquare is just great! Help us to keep it that way by following our “house rules” that have been put together for (and by!) Our community.

Good things

Find all your friends on Foursquare. Foursquare is better with your friends! Find friends in the app. Only friend people you know and wouldn't mind sharing your location with. Sending mass requests to people you don’t know is a big no-no - that should really go under ‘Not cool,’ but we like to keep things positive.

Add exclamations and photos to your check-ins. Exclamations provide context and create conversations. Just think of it as “What are you doing?” At a check-in, e. B. “With Tamara, Nina and Tracey!” Or “Finally I'm testing the double-double burger”. Photos make your check-ins stand out even more.

Leave tips for others. Leave informative tips on places and companies you know well. Write recommendations for restaurant orders ("Order the caramel milkshake. It's not on the menu, but it tastes delicious!") Or other insider tips ("It's best during the week when you don't have to queue") - simply useful tips that you would give to your friends. And as a bonus on top of that, other people leave a "like" on your tip. The more of these you get, the better your reputation as an expert will be!

Make lists.Add places and tips to your to-do list so you won't forget what you wanted to try next! And make other lists to show what you know about comic book stores, or to share your knowledge of chicken nuggets.

Upload a nice profile photo. With a good photo, friends can recognize you better when sending friend requests.

Use Foursquare to make the most of your location. If you're new to somewhere or just wondering where to go in your city, open the Foursquare app and look in the “Discover” tab for the best place and the most popular tips (“You should definitely try the wasabi ice cream! Es will blow you away! "). Just tap the search icon to find the venues you're interested in right now, e.g. B. "Mexican Restaurant", "Nachos" or "Joe's Tacos".

Be respectful of other people. The Foursquare community should stay as positive as it is right now. Insulting other people through photos, tips, posts, exclamations, or locations is anything but NOT cool. Just be kind and nice. Roger that?

Not cool

We don't like it when you check in somewhere and you're not there. To be honest, it makes us sad. You should only check-in when you are actually in one place (and don't forget: only one check-in per day counts for achieving Mayorship status, so you don't have to check-in multiple times at the same place)! If you check in too often in a short period of time, you will see a check-in error message (so-called rapid fire check-ins). Checking in from one location around the world is also not welcome. We know you love badges, but it's only fun when you get them fairly.

Avoid creating venues on Foursquare that don't actually exist. A venue at Foursquare should be a social place where people can really meet. And by the way: Places like Oktoberfest are social and therefore okay because they actually exist temporarily. Confused? We believe people like to check in in one place and it doesn't hurt anyone. Examples of what you shouldn't add: I'm on the plane, stuck in a traffic jam, your mom. Also, always look for a location before adding it to our system. This is the best way to avoid duplicate entries!

Please refrain from using private locations, i.e. H. to check in at other people's homes, unless you are friends and you have been invited to do so. Private places should be protected because it can frighten a resident to see that their place of residence has been checked in. Checking in at your home is of course still okay. If you've marked a place as a private place, it won't appear in other people's search results. However, the private location appears when searching for the name (so you should choose a unique name). In addition, it is only permitted to create Foursquare locations for other people's apartments and houses if the resident or owner has given permission.

Don't post tips or venues with inappropriate wording or negative comments about another user. We delete them! Plus, being nice is a lot more fun than being mean anyway.

You are not allowed to spam! Spamming in tips, places or photos etc. is not okay. (What is spam? It's good you asked. Spam is any content that has links to websites that sell software, real estate information, a listing of your business, or any other type of advertising). Uploading similar content for different venues is against our terms and conditions and will deactivate your account. Tips, venues, photos, etc. should be unique and useful to other users.

Do not abuse our trademarks. As our business grows, we have to protect our trademarks or we risk losing the rights to them altogether (you may have heard of "escalator" or "xerox" because that's exactly what happened to them). That said, we're always happy when people build large, active communities around Foursquare. We ask you to use “4sq” instead of “Foursquare” or “foursquare”. And please make it clear that you are not officially part of Foursquare and that you are not a partner. Check out our Branding Guidelines for more information.