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29 tips for more Instagram followers (2021 update)

Our tips at a glance

Fill out your profile

1. Use a meaningful profile picture

This should be a picture of you (for private accounts) or your logo for company accounts so that other users can (re) recognize your account immediately.

2. Choose a unique name

The name of your profile should usually be your real name or company name so that you can be found in the search.

Your username should also match your name. A good option here is to use a name with no spaces and with lowercase letters.

3. Enter your website

Don't forget to include your website in your Instagram profile.

Alternatively, you can link to a published blog article or your own product. Of course, you can also integrate an affiliate link in the website field.

4. Fill in your bio

In the biography you should state what other users can expect on your profile. There you can also note your location or a special hashtag.

You can see how our own profile is designed here:

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Make your Instagram profile known

5. Comment and like posts from your target audience

You can use meaningful (!) Comments to draw attention to yourself on other accounts. You can achieve the same effect by liking other pictures.

Also reply to comments that are made to you. This is how you can start a conversation and increase the interaction rate.

6. Use direct messages

The following video by Gary Vaynerchuk shows how you should best use DMs:

7. Follow other accounts

By following other accounts in your target audience, they are more likely to follow you back.

Once you've achieved this, however, you shouldn't unfollow the account immediately. This only makes it clear that you only followed the account to get a follower.

Better wait a week or two before unfollowing if the account isn't interesting enough.

But don't overdo it with this strategy: Profiles that subscribe to 500 other profiles, but only have 50 followers themselves, quickly appear unbelievable.

8. Use other social networks

Every social network has its own content: private details are often shared on Facebook, pictures on Instagram and videos on YouTube.

Use your accounts in other social networks and draw attention to your Instagram profile there too.

9. Collaborate with other users

By working with other Instagram users from your thematic area, you can increase your and the number of followers of the other participating accounts.

Collaborate on fixed events like concerts or sporting events. You mark the other profiles in your pictures.

10. Use other accounts to make your account better known

With accounts such as that of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), other users can upload their own pictures every week and refer to their profile.

11. Advertise your Instagram profile offline

To get more Instagram followers, you should also advertise your profile offline.

You can use business cards or advertisements to draw attention to your account.

Often it is also advisable to use so-called short URLs such as

12. Attend special Instagram meetups

Often there are special meetups where you can get to know other users, exchange ideas with them and get further tips for more followers on Instagram.

13. Create Instagram Stories

With the Instagram Stories you can create small video sequences that are displayed over the actual image stream.

14. Use live videos

With the live video function, you can let your followers take part in special events or your everyday life in real time.

Use hashtags

15. Use descriptive hashtags

Hashtags are used to classify your post by topic. That's why you should choose hashtags that describe your picture.

16. Choose the right language

English hashtags often seem “cooler”, but you should use hashtags that your target group also uses or is looking for.

17. Use local hashtags

For pictures of a sight or other well-known places in a region, you should use local hashtags such as #Berlin or #Hamburg.

Also consider whether the suggested hashtags fit your picture.

You can also use the geo-tagging function, with which you can specify the location where the picture was taken.

18. Check how often a hashtag is used

With much-used hashtags like #Summer or #Amazing, your own photo is quickly lost. With seldom used hashtags, your photo will be visible longer, but will be found less often.

Try to find a good balance between frequently used and seldom used hashtags. In the search bar you can see how many posts there are already for a particular hashtag.

Apps like TagsForLikes allow you to find popular and topic-related hashtags.

You can see why you shouldn't use hashtags like # Like4like too often in the following video:

19. Create your own hashtags

Especially for Instagram accounts with products, it is worth creating your own hashtag and using it in every post.

Your followers will also use the hashtag when they use your products and upload a photo of them.

Sports brands like Adidas and Nike or Miss Sophie's Instagram profile are a good example.

Under each post you will find the hashtags #MissSophies, #MissSophiesLove and here the hashtag #FlowerGirlMS, which stands for a special collection.

20. Follow current trends

As long as it can be reconciled with the topic of your profile, you can also use the latest "trend hashtags".

Such hashtags often appear at sports or music events, special weather conditions or other specified events.

21. Take part in Insta challenges

This promotes networking and makes your account visible.

One example of this is the #digital women challenge.

Post matching photos

22. Stick to your topic

When choosing a photo, you shouldn't lose sight of the thematic focus of your profile.

So it makes little sense to post about sports on a profile that otherwise deals with cars.

23. Vary your photos

To give your followers variety, it's not wrong to deviate from the normal posts. For example, post a humorous picture, quote, video or gif file.

Always orientate yourself on the topic of your Instagram profile.

24. Post quality photos

Make sure that the photos are not pixelated or that part of the image is cut off so that part of the subject is missing.

25. Post regularly

Make a plan for when to post what type of photos. This way you don't get into stressful situations if you haven't posted or prepared a photo yet.

26. Use filters

Instagram gives you a lot of editing options for your photos.

Pay attention to a healthy average of filters that should be adapted to the topic of your Instagram profile.

The more serious your profile is, the less conspicuous filters you should use.

27. Post pictures when your followers are online

Depending on the topic of your Instagram profile, your users will be online at different times.

With a business profile you can see in the statistics when your followers are online.

28. Ask questions

By asking questions in the picture itself or in the caption, you can improve the interaction rate among your pictures and thus get a significantly higher range.

29. Use the Instagram desktop app

With the desktop app you can edit postings, messages and comments more easily and use Instagram outside of your mobile phone.

You can access the desktop app at

Is there a hack to get more Instagram followers quickly?

The following video from 2014 shows a "hack" how you can get more followers quickly and uses the well-known follow / unfollow strategy.

These tools will help you get more Instagram followers

Iconosquare: With Iconosquare you can, among other things, analyze your Instagram profile, measure user engagement and find important hashtags.

InfluencerDB: InfluencerDB is a kind of database and provides you with various key figures from Instagran accounts.

Later: With the help of Later you can plan posts in advance.

Like2buy: Like2buy generates a link to your online shop for specified photos.

Planoly: Planoly helps to plan Instagram posts and shows important statistics.

TagsForLikes: With TagsForLikes you can find topic-related hashtags that you should add to your photos.

How to use Instagram Stories to get more followers

Instagram Stories offer you many options in terms of design and implementation and often creates an even more direct line to your community.

In contrast to Instagram's picture feed, the stories can be less perfectionistic and staged. Interesting behind the scenes, the idea of ​​you as the face behind the company and other exciting content formats build trust in your community and strengthen the bond with your (potential) customers.

Since the importance of video content will continue to grow in the coming period, it is definitely worth paying more attention to Instagram stories and trying out the different options.

Buy Instagram followers - does that make sense?

Have you already dealt with the topic of buying Instagram followers or did you not even know that you can also buy followers on Instagram?

Various platforms such as SOCIALNOW and Social Media Daily offer the opportunity to help with the number of followers for your own account.

How useful it is to buy Instagram followers is controversial. Blog entries on and show that it makes little sense.

We didn't buy any followers for our Instagram account. However, in our opinion, buying followers can make sense for new accounts, because Instagram accounts with 500 instead of 50 followers are followed more often.

In the long run, however, “real followers” ​​should follow your account, as only they will interact with your account and buy your products / services.

The following video shows what it can look like when you buy followers for your profile:

Practice insight: Interview with Sophie Kühn from Miss Sophie

Sophie Kühn is the founder of Miss Sophie, a startup that designs and sells nail foils.

We talked to the Berliner about tips and strategies on how she set up Miss Sophie's Instagram account.

Hello Sophie, please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am Sophie and I am the founder of Miss Sophie.

We are a Berlin e-commerce startup in the beauty / lifestyle sector and have focused on nail wraps. Nail wraps are innovative, self-adhesive nail wraps that replace nail polish, last longer and have cooler designs.

Miss Sophie was launched in December 2014. We now deliver throughout Europe and are represented in special shops.

You have built around 65,000 Instagram followers since the company was founded.

Have you followed certain strategies or tips when building your Instagram reach?

Since Instagram is a platform for photos and videos, it is perfect for our products, as nail foils can be presented in a perfect way.

There are plenty of beauty bloggers and even specialty nail bloggers who only write about products and techniques that deal with fingernails. Many of these bloggers were interested in our new nail wraps and tested them with great pleasure.

The results were consistently positive and we quickly became known on Instagram in German-speaking countries with our new brand and innovative products. As a company, we have a content plan that goes hand in hand with the content of our other social media channels.

Do you use tools in everyday business that help you deal with Instagram and if so, what are they?

We have used some tools over the past few months to better analyze our followers. However, they have changed their policies so that they can act on behalf of the account.

This service is in the gray zone of the Instagram guidelines and as soon as Instagram learns about it, an account can quickly and irrevocably be deleted. That's just too risky for me, which is why we do without all bots.

I am also not a fan of bought followers, as the organic growth of real accounts takes a back seat and engagement falls quickly.

Finally, do you have any special tips for beginners who want to set up a new Instagram account?

Ultimately, continuous work is required and you have to constantly create new content.

You also have to be aware that visual products in particular are gaining ground on Instagram - so don't give up and stick with it.

Thank you for talking to us Sophie.


There are various tips and strategies to get more Instagram followers.

You should continuously test and review which of the above tips work best for your Instagram profile.

If you have any questions or comments, you can use the comment field at the end of the post.

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