Video ads perform better than pictures

12 tips for better video ads in the mobile age

With video ads for more success on Facebook and Instagram: In this post, we explain to you what you should consider when designing video ads in the mobile age in order to be perceived as best as possible by your target group in the various social networks. In less than 10 minutes you will learn what is important in video marketing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and how to design your video ad so that it gets noticed by your target group.

The essentials in brief -
12 tips for making videos on Facebook and Instagram

Configure the video campaign correctly

  • Choose the right target: Video Views (To get maximum video views)
  • Define target group: Define targeting (e.g. only people within a 30km radius of your company)
  • Select an appealing thumbnail: If the autoplay function is deactivated, the preview image (thumbnail) should attract attention
  • Take mobile devices into account: For an optimal user experience, the video display on mobile devices should only be displayed when the WLAN connection is active

KISS - Keep it short and simple

  • The spice lies in the brevity: Simple, short and emotional - Snackable ...
  • The ideal video length is 5-20 seconds
  • The faster the video gets your message across and generates attention, the higher the chances that people will remember what they saw

The ideal video structure

  • The core message and eye-catcher belong at the beginning and not at the end
  • Design videos so that they can be understood even without sound (text overlays or subtitles)
  • Learning from best practices but also experimenting with new techniques
  • Choose the right format: adapt videos to the respective screen
  • Integrate call to action: use call-to-action at the end

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This is why you should definitely use video ads

  • Videos are more memorable:
    Achieve maximum reach with video ads
  • Information can be conveyed much more efficiently
  • more attention and more engagement through moving images
  • more design freedom + creativity:
    Present product features and captivate viewers with sound and moving images
  • better chances of virality with good content
  • Ideal for retargeting

Media usage is growing rapidly

Thanks to smartphones and mobile devices, we are connected online practically always and everywhere and the number of social media users is also increasing steadily. Companies therefore have the opportunity to target their target group with Instagram, Facebook or Twitter advertisements.

Average media consumption has risen sharply, but the average attention span of users is falling, which is why advertisements in the form of text or static images are rarely registered. For this reason, companies have to rethink the design of their advertising measures in order to be better perceived. With the help of video ads, companies are able to attract the attention of their target audience.

There are a few steps to consider when producing a video, but an effective and targeted video doesn't have to be expensive. It is more important that the users are entertained, relevant information is conveyed easily and efficiently, and the authenticity of the post is given. In addition, there are no limits to creativity when designing the video ads. The videos can be used, for example, in the awareness phase on social media channels to arouse specific attention and interest. Retargeting can then be used in downstream campaigns to specifically address those viewers who, for example, have watched your promotional video to the end.

Video ads should therefore be part of your marketing strategy. Depending on the platform, however, there are different specifications such as file type, format or general settings that you should know and take into account.

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What does the perfect video look like?

Video length

In theory, your video can be up to 240 minutes long. In practice, however, you should try to keep the video as short as possible. In the best case scenario, the clip is in the range of 8-20 seconds. When designing a video, keep in mind that the majority are now on the move using mobile devices.

Therefore: The videos must be optimized for mobile use and shouldn't take too long. You can find a compact overview of all requirements on the Facebook video requirements page.

The right video format

In principle, almost all common video formats can be used to optimally present a video ad on Facebook and Instagram. You should pay attention to the following characteristics:

Possible file formats9:16 to 16: 9
Video aspect ratio9:16 to 16: 9
Recommended resolutionno limit (as big as possible)
File size of the videomaximum 4 GB

For the best possible user experience, Facebook recommends using the MP4 or MOV format. The following formats can also be uploaded:

  • 3g2 (cell phone video)
  • 3gp (cell phone video)
  • 3gpp (cell phone video)
  • asf (Windows Media Video)
  • avi (AVI video)
  • dat (MPEG video)
  • divx (DIVX video)
  • dv (DV video)
  • f4v (flash video)
  • flv (flash video)
  • gif (Graphics Interchange Format)
  • m2ts (M2TS video)
  • m4v (MPEG-4 video)
  • mkv (Matroska format)
  • mod (MOD video)
  • mov (QuickTime video)
  • mp4 (MPEG-4 video)
  • mpe (MPEG video)
  • mpeg (MPEG video)
  • mpeg4 (MPEG-4 video)
  • mpg (MPEG video)
  • mts (AVCHD video)
  • nsv (Nullsoft video)
  • ogm (Ogg Media format)
  • ogv (Ogg video format)
  • qt (QuickTime video)
  • death (TOD video)
  • ts (MPEG transport stream)
  • vob (DVD-Video)
  • wmv (Windows Media Video)

Add video description

In addition to the actual video, up to 125 characters are available to describe the video briefly and concisely. You can use this space to make the video interesting. You can also use the option of integrating a call to action (CTA). In this way, you can target users who have watched the video to the end and actively encourage engagement. Different formulations such as Learn more, Discover now or to buy be used.

Perfect for social media -
Snackable videos for in between

Stand out at all costs: If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should definitely deal with the snackable content format.
Snackable content describes content that the user can consume easily and without great effort. These can be small texts in the form of tweets, slogans, teasers, infographics, animated GIFs or even videos. Typical application scenarios in the field of video are explanatory videos, product demonstrations or how-to content. Since the clips are usually very short, the chances of reaching your target group increase.

As a company, it's essential quick attention in the mobile news feed on Facebook. Because here the attention span of a user is just 1.7 seconds. If a post fails to attract attention in this short time, the user has probably already scrolled on. Compared to normal pictures or plain text, videos have a decisive advantage: the autoplay function of Facebook and Instagram. As soon as a video is in the visible area, it will be played automatically. With a corresponding video structure, this means can be used specifically to draw attention to the content.

Of course it is Snack content not always the method of choice - e.g. B. in a corporate film. However, it is a tried and tested means for companies to counteract the problem of constantly decreasing attention and to ensure relevant attention in 1.7 seconds. Compared to an image video, the effort for the creation is significantly lower. This saves time and reduces costs to a minimum. A smartphone is enough to record the relevant sequences and put them together into a snackable video.

Examples of great snackable video ads

Below we have picked out six different examples of well-implemented campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. What do you notice about all of these ads? All video ads use a combination of audio, text and rapid image changes. A CTA is also used to guide the user in a targeted manner.

Video advertising by RIU Hotels and Resorts on Instagram

DAZN video advertising on Facebook

Red Bull video advertising on Facebook

Video advertising from Lufthansa on Facebook

Video advertising from Litographs on Facebook

Uefa Champions League video advertisement on Facebook

Place video ad on Facebook / Instagram Starting from 39 € net
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Conclusion: (Mobile) video advertising offers great opportunities

In times of ever decreasing attention spans on mobile devices and the desktop, moving images (videos, GIFs, ...) are a promising way to be perceived by the target group. You don't have to be a professional to produce authentic and convincing videos. Even with a small budget, relevant clips can be created that can be used to advertise your own products and services. The use of videos is by no means a panacea for attracting attention. If your message is not relevant to the target audience, even the best video will have no impact and will fizzle out.

Would you like to take advantage of video ads on Facebook and Instagram for your business? Our experts will be happy to help you create your personal social media template or your personal video ad. Just contact us.