What is another word for the memory of the past

What is the word called when you think of positive memories from childhood?

I'm about to clear out my house. In the meantime I have collected 2 giant boxes of children's items for each of my children. My eldest son and daughter have already sorted out and taken the rest with them. Only my second son refuses to keep anything from his childhood except his record collection. "Everything else can be thrown away," he says laconically.

The memories in the form of paintings from kindergarten, photos and slides are still present in many ways, which of course I'll keep! It's all about the toys and the kids' stuff! So should I keep hoarding the boxes because my son might change his mind and then regret his decision?

Or should I really give his things to the bulky goods? Am I just sentimental because I refuse to throw away games, books, puzzles, toys, and other junk? Should I let go, give my heart a shake, and throw things in the trash? The toys are no longer in the best condition, of course they look very "used" so that they are no longer good enough to give away!

I am in a conflict there. I myself would be happy if I had two boxes full of memories from my childhood days.

How did you handle it and what do you advise me?