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"My style is as artificial as possible."

First, draw the preliminary drawing thinly on the canvas with a hard pencil or light gray watercolor pencil. Roy Lichtenstein himself used an image projector for this, which also enabled him to enlarge and arrange the image elements (for example a comic template) in different ways, similar to a collage.

Then you start to paint the colored areas straight away. Several thin applications of the same color, painted one after the other, result in an excellent opaque color effect. In any case, high-quality acrylic paints are recommended, as they have a significantly higher luminosity and the colors appear more intense.

The typical Lichtenstein grid points can either be sprayed with a grid template that is punched out of cardboard with an office punch. Airbrush paint is just as suitable as acrylic paint in spray cans from the hardware store. The latter, however, cannot be painted over with artist acrylic paint later.

Finally, you paint the black border lines cleanly and precisely with slightly liquid acrylic paint. Again, you will probably need to retighten them two or three times.

A final varnish increases the luminosity of the color tones and protects the color application from scratches.

Painting style: pop art

Technique: acrylic painting

Painting material: white cardboard or canvas

Acrylic colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, blue (ultramarine blue), red (cadmium red), white, black

Brush: Flat brushes in 2 to 3 different sizes

Text: B. Waclawik, Kunst-Malerei.info

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